Friday, June 18, 2010

[Icons RPG] Gavin Rogers IV, Challenger of the Uncanny!

Here is one of the first characters I’ve made with the random character creation rules from the Icons RPG.

Gavin Rogers IV
Origin: Trained

Prowess 5
Coordination 6
Strength 5
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Stamina 11
Determination 4

Blast Device 5 (Enchanted Arabesque)
Force Field Device 5 (Ring of Protection)

Martial Arts-Expert

Challenger of the Uncanny!
Identity: World Traveler
Motivation: Help Others in Strange Situations
Connections: Friends of His Cousins

Enemy: Simon Rogers, Cousin and Archfiend
Family, The Ties That Bind
Public Identity

Gavin Rogers was a former soldier who returned to the family manor when his Grand Uncle Griffin died under mysterious circumstances. All of his cousins were there including his cousin Simon. As part of his inheritance, each cousin was given a chest, which Simon attempted to buy each chest for a ridiculous amount. All of them refused, and Simon left the Family Manse unhappy.

Gavin soon discovered that the chest contained a gun and a ring collected by his great grandfather Gavin. Gavin Rogers Sr. was a veteran of the Morlock War [1], and the artifacts were the foci and gadgets of fallen friends and allies. What Gavin Sr. could not return to the proper holders, he put aside until the time was right for such items to be wielded again. A separate note was from Great Uncle Griffin, who asked Gavin to keep an eye on the other children, as he was the oldest. They would be given more powerful items, but Griffin was sure that Gavin would make due with the tools at hand.

Forgoing a secret identity, Gavin has thrown himself into helping others found in strange situations. Since gaining the strange gun and the ring, Gavin has fought mutants, vampires, and the beginnings of a revived Morlock Empire. His most persistent foe is his cousin Simon, a jealous man who wants all of the collected artifacts for his own nefarious purposes.

[1] The Morlock War was a series of battles that involved a multiple Earth spanning Morlock Empire and an army led by the legendary Time Traveler. The War spilled onto several parallel earths before it was finally resolved with the destruction of the Morlock Throneworld via Timestorm in 1985 (our time).

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