Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Five Links of Free RPG Stuff--And A Treat!

The Fraternity of Shadows Library: A collection of netbooks and webzines for Ravenloft and Masque of the Red Death.

Talien's Tower Freebies Index: RPG Adaptations of movies (mostly for d20 Modern) by author Michael Tresca. Great material.

The SKETCH System Page: A page by Farsight games featuring (current ) 7 free small RPGs using their simple SKETCH System. Including unofficial Blade Runner, Highlander, and Star Wars games.

Horror Rules Script Archive: An archive of adventures for Horror Rules the B-Movie RPG by Crucifiction Games. Plenty of adventure ideas to steal.

Old Lord Skull: An repository of really cool netbooks and goodies for All Flesh Must be Eaten and other games. Definitely check out Alien Vs Predator- Duality. It's Aliens vs Predators vs Colonial Marines vs Zombies using AFMBE. It's pretty awesome.

And now, Christopher Walken wants to tell you a story...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Clark Ashton Smith and the Voodoo Vampire

Just a short post today.

First, I got two paperbacks at Half Price Books. They featuring the work of that master of Baroque Fantasy Clark Ashton Smith.

Each for the princely sum of $1.00 each!

Second, somebody poster the entire Superfriends cartoon featuring legendary Voodoo Vampire that I talked about in this post.

See ya next week!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

7 Brief Encounter Critical Ideas

With the Great Computer Move pretty much over with, I’ll probably be posting more often. So without further adieu, I present some ideas for Encounter Critical, fire tested with PURE SCIENTIFIC REALISM!

Or not.

* We need Encounter Critical/Lords of Creation conversion notes, if only for the whacked out monster manual that is The Book of Foes. Mr. Rients?

* Battle Jesters (below). The make you laugh with jokes and comedy. They make you hurt with powered armor and big fricking guns.

* Encounter Critical needs either (a) vehicle rules or (b) suggestions on what vehicle rules to steal...borrow from.

* Transchangors (right): Could somebody rip-off Transformers and Go-Bots to make a race of shape shifting robodroids that are buried in the mountains of Vanth? Yes! And they can be played by Zybots (a Transformer rip-off by Remco).

* Essential cartoon watching for Encounter Critical: Filmation cartoons. I love 80s cartoons in general, but Filmation cartoons have an eccentric edge that can be mined for ideas. Just half a season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe can give you campaign ideas for years.

* Encounter Critical: The Roger Corman Edition. The rules littered with stills from Corman films. Kind of like all those sci-fi movies that use the starships from Battle Beyond the Stars.

* Using the Encounter Critical rules to play a Warhammer 40K-esque campaign. Just think about the possibilities: Amazon space pirates. Hobbling psykers. Klengon space marines. Klengon space marines would rule.


* Encounter Critical Special Edition with plenty of bonus rules and race from the fans. And illustrated by Erol Otus. Oh yeah.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farewell to Dave Arneson

A sad farewell to the other father of D & D. Part of my love of the strange in D&D goes back to him.

Hail Blackmoor!