Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nakazi (Contagion Demons) For Gary Vs The Monsters

Hey Family! I'm back!

Here’s a new monster for the incredibly fun Swords & Wizardry based B-Movie RPG Gary vs The Monsters by Magic Pig Media. Inspired by some fun Italian movies.

"They will make cemeteries their cathedrals, and the cities will be your tombs."
Tagline for Demoni (1985)

Nakazi (Contagion Demons)

Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: Claws 2x (1d6) or Bite (1d6)
Total Atack Bonus: +2
Save: 17
Move: 15 (-1)
Fear: -2


Infectious: Nakazi are creatures of contagion and plague. Anyone bitten or clawed by a Nakazi should make a Saving Throw. On a failure the victim turns into a Nakazi in 1d8 minutes.

Quarantine: Reality seems determined to cordon off the Nakazi from uninfected victims and goes to extreme lengths to do this. What was once a door is now a wall. The windows that offers escape before the summoning now opens to a pit of spikes. Coincidences pile up to keep the players and the Nakazi contained. All Saving Throws against Haywire and Fear are at -2 in the Quarantined area. On a failure the GM can decide that one or two Nakazi escape...

Foul Blood: The blood and bile of the Nakazi are capable of contagion as well. Anyone who is forced to swallow Nakazi blood or have it sprayed upon them should make a Saving Throw. On a Failure the victim has a 50% chance to be transformed into a Nakazi (GM discretion)

Killing It (B): Slashing, stabbing and burning are very effective against the Nakazi. The survivors can escape the Quarantine.

Similar to the Necroids (GvM p 37), the Nakazi are demonic spirits who seek to possess the living and wreak havoc. Unlike Necroids, the Nakazi are feral and destructive, rampaging monsters who want only to spread death and contagion. The Nakazi manifest through story and vision, summoned to reality by watchers and readers of works that introduce them to this reality. One victim is chosen, and soon begins to spread the infection throughout a confined space like a theater or an apartment building. If the Nakazi escape into the world, so much the better. Reality reacts to their very nature by confining them to one space and hoping the victims can stanch the contagion. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't...