Thursday, March 13, 2014

Check Out Crawljammer for DCC RPG!

I don't play the DCC Role Playing Game by Goodman Games. I have heard good things about the game, though, and excellent things about the fan material. So when I saw several RPG blogs touting something called Crawljammer,  a fanzine dedicated to fantasy adventures in space, I was interested. I love Spelljammer. So I checked it out.

I went to Tim Callahan's Crawljammer blog and looked it over. Good overview of what's in the zine, inspirational ideas, and some Basil Wolverton art. I was impressed. It looked like a lot of fun. Ordering was easy via Pay Pal with Print, PDF, and Print/PDF Combo options. I picked the PDF option, mainly to give it an initial viewing, plus it looks good on my Nook and my Android tablet.

The first issue gives a cosmology for space travel, basic ship rules, a new class (Lizardman Mercenary) and an adventure. I most definitely will check out future issues of Crawljammer, maybe a print version too. It's a great example of the new age of self publishing we are living in. More space fantasy please.