Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter: The Home Stretch

It's like the title says: less than 72 hours until the end of the Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter. As someone who doesn't back as many Kickstarters as I would like, this is one I have followed with great interest for a simple reason:
I really love the concept of Cartoon Action Hour. A roleplaying game designed to emulate 80s action cartoons.
Cynthia Celeste Miller created a game that I always wanted to and did a better job than I would have. If the Kickstarter had just made the initial goal of $4500, I'd be a happy man. As of today the total pledged is nearing $15,000. I pledged $25 for a pdf of the rules and a print copy too. As everyone knows, the sweet spot of a Kickstarter is hitting the stretch goals ans seeing what treasures can be unearthed. Many stretch goals have been passed already, and there's more to break in these final hours.

Why not check out the Kickstarter page (click the picture above for the link) and check it out. A tenspot ($10) will get you a pdf of the rules when completed, in addition to some sweet swag. Swag like more art and material in the rules. Mini cartoon series guides written by some of the great names in gaming including Steve Long, Shane Hensley, and John Wick. They even got 80s cartoon legends Flint Dille and Buzz Dixon to contribute material for the game: but only if the stretch goals are met!

Every time I've dealt with Spectrum Games, they've always been decent.  Here's to finishing up this Kickstarter strong!

Monday, May 20, 2013

[Cartoon Action Hour Season 2] Investigator Traloc and Captain Vix Rezlor (With Bonus Stuff!)

The Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter running wild, and one of the new stretch goals is the MotU-esque  The Complete Guide to Warriors of the Cosmos (at the $12,500 level)  I wanted to share some characters I created for the Cartoon Action Hour Season 2 version of the rules. They haven't seen the light of day since 2009 so lets crack open the packaging and dig right in!

Back to 2009....

Recently I ordered a copy of Cartoon Action Hour Season 2 (CAH S2) from the fine folks at Spectrum Games. This new edition of their 80s cartoon roleplaying game is a great revamp. It has streamlines character creation and utilizes a make it yourself trait system that is extremely flexible.

I created a character for the new rules. The CAH S2 book comes with three ready-made cartoon series: Transbots (Transformers), Strikeforce Freedom (G.I. Joe), and the setting I chose, Warriors of the Cosmos (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe). The CAH S2 Playset here gives you a brief background of the setting. So without further ado I give you:

Investigator Traloc
“Loyal Lizard Centaur Detective of Shadestar”

Yeah  it's a Zoat.

Quick Bio: Traloc is a member of a race of lizard centaurs known as the Xoanon. They are refugees from another dimension that settled in Iconia a century ago. The Xoanon live in small communities scattered throughout Iconia. They are usually a reclusive people, but several of the Xoanon have entered the service of the kingdoms in which they reside. They cannot be changed into goop zombies, so Nekrottus usually imprisons them or forces them to work in one of his pet projects.

Traloc’s family lived in the Kingdom of Shadestar, in a small village near the royal lands. He grew up an inquisitive child, and became renowned for his prowess at solving puzzles. As he grew older, Traloc left his village and entered the Shadestar Guard. He soon became the personal detective for the new queen, a young woman named Noblara.

When Nekrottus attacked Shadestar, Traloc helped fight, but was captured by the Blackskull Empire. He was among those sent to the Castle Suspended, a prison run by the disgraced former Shadestar Guard Captain Rezlor. A raid by the Guardians of Iconia freed Traloc and his fellow prisoners. With Noblara’s support, he offered his services to King Rastor and the people of Haven. Today Traloc uses both his brains and his brawn to fight for the freedom of Iconia.

Appearance: Traloc is a Xoanon of average height (five feet tall) and length (four feet long). His upper torso is humanoid, and his lower body is similar to a small rhino with a long tail at the end. Traloc’s scales are green, with shades of gray here and there. His face is lizard like with no nose and eyes that seem to notice everything. When at official functions he wears a blue sash with his family sigils and symbols of his deeds. He always carries a mace given to him by his father when he became a member of the Shadestar Guard.

Factoids: “Former member of the Shadestar Guard” ”Uses both brains and strength to solve cases” ”Cannot be bought” ”One of the few Xoanon who leave their villages” ”Loyal to Noblara”

Subplots: Archenemy (Captain Rezlor), Vow (To help free his people)

Traits: Xoanon Mace 4 [Enhancer +2, Accessory], Tail Slap 3 [Enhancer +2], Trample 5 [Enhancer +3, Disadvantage (Must make a running start)], Scaly Skin 2, Shadestar Guard Detective 4, Xoanon Lore 1, Stamina 3, Brawling 3, Strong 3, Inconvenient Size 2X.

Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battle Rating 5

Okay, you got me. Investigator Traloc is a Zoat. I just had to do that. Once you have a general idea of what you want, character creation is pretty easy. It does have some of the same daunting nature of a “make your own trait” system. It emulates the chosen genre well, and that is always a plus.

One of my earlier entries was a new character for Cartoon Action Hour Season 2. Here is the enemy of that character, Captain Vix Rezlor.

Captain Vix Rezlor
“Jailer of the Blackskull Empire”

Captain Vix Rezlor played by American Flagg by Howard Chaykin 
Quick Bio: Vix Rezlor was one of the most decorated members of the Shadestar Guard. The youngest person ever to hold the rank of Captain, he built the Guard under his command into a force to be reckoned with. Vix was well considered by Queen Noblara herself, and was in love with her. His only flaw was a prejudice against non-humanoids. It was slight at first, but soon it grew in intensity.

This began to color Vix’s interactions with both the Shadestar Guard and the people he protected. Seeds of resentment grew when his efforts to “streamline and improve” the Guard were blocked by concerned parties. Vix’s frustration grew to a boiling point. The final straw was the placing of Traloc, a Xoanon guardsman, as Noblara’s personal detective. In his mind Shadestar and Noblara betrayed him, giving something that belonged to him to someone that was beneath him.

When the Blackskull Empire invaded Shadestar, Vix offered his services to Nekrottus. The knowledge that he provided was a great factor in the fall of Shadestar. As a reward, Nekrottus has made Vix Rezlor the main Jailer of the Blackskull Empire. The only blot on his record is the fall of the Castle Suspended, his greatest jail. This is just one more reason for Vix to finish Traloc off once and for all.

Appearance: Vix Rezlor is a handsome dark haired man with an air of confidence about him. He usually dresses all in black with his silver Chain Gun at his side. The Chain Gun looks like an average laser, but it shoots out force chains which can be used to bind or trip Captain Rezlor’s opponents.

Factoids: “Dislikes non-humanoids” ”One of the Betrayers of Shadestar” ”Efficient commander of men” ”Clever designer of jails” ”Loyal to Nekrottus”

Subplots: Archenemy (Traloc), Mental Hang-Up (Prejudiced against Non-Humanoids)

Traits: Jailer 4, Loyalty 3, Tactical Genius 4, Handsome 3, Agile 3, Sword 4 [Enhancer +2, Accessory], Chain Gun 6 [Enhancer +3, Snare, Advantage (Can only be used by Captain Rezlor), Accessory], Former Shadestar Guard Captain 3, By the Book 1x, Competitive 1x

Threshold 10, Battle Rating 6

Note: Captain Rezlor’s prejudice comes into play in the 80s cartoon style. He is polite to everyone he meets accepts non-humanoids (anything that looks too different from humans). To them he has a condescending and short manner. His prejudice also leads Captain Rezlor to underestimate non-humanoids, which can lead to his defeat. Nekrottus knows of his prejudice and usually has him work with henchmen like Shadow Queen, Gatlyna, and Eye-Catcher.

Bonus #1: Rezlor’s Prison Guards

The prison guards of the Blackskull Empire are trained to keep their charges in Nekrottus’ jails. They have a tendency to work better with Nekrottus’ minions than the ordinary guards.

Battle Rating: 1
Goon Modifiers: Ensnare, Natural Born Followers

Bonus #2: A New Vehicle!

Kaptur Karavan

Description: This massive treaded battlewagon was designed to transport dangerous prisoners throughout the Blackskull Empire. The massive claws on the side can grab unwary Guardians and place them in a holding zone. The zone has a field that freezes the prisoner!

: Massive Hull 7, Prisoner Area 5, All Terrain Treads 5, Stun Blasts 8 [Enhancer +4], Side Claws 6 [Enhancer +3, Snare, Area, Situational Setback-2 (When the Karavan takes two Setback Tokens)], Slow 1x, Hard to Repair 2x, Freeze Field 6 [Enhancer +3, Snare, Disadvantage (Only Works on Prisoners in Prison Area), Fickle]

: none

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kickstarter Swag!

Just sharing the fact that the fruits of some Kickstarter labor is starting to arrive PDF style! Got Great Power and some Stark City goodness for the Icons Super RPG. Plus the Risus and the FATE RPG campaigns are coming along great with stuff beginning to come out.

The Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter hit $11,000 this night and I think that's awesome! I'll talk about the game some more tomorrow.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter Is Running Wild!

Last week I mentioned  the Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter from the fine folks at Spectrum Games. The campaign began last Friday, May 3, with a goal of $4500. As of the writing of the blog, this Kickstarter has raised over $6500 and met several stretch goals already. Upcoming goals include mini supplements by some truly great RPG designers and more! There's plenty of goodies to come, so check out the ad above and join me and 171 other folks to fund this great game!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[Toon T-Days] Dash Raygun, Rocket Ranger

Sorry it's a day late. Must of took a wrong turn at Albuquerque...

Welcome to a new edition of Toon T-Days! Here is a Rocketeer-type character to throw at players in an Atomic Monster Theater (Tooniversal Tour Guide p 13-24) game. Yeah, he may have more shticks than the players. but won't that make it that much more fun to make him Fall Down?  

Dash Raygun, Rocket Ranger

Description: Dash Raygun is a dashingly handsome 6-foot tall human wearing a classic rocket ranger jet suit. Most of the time he wears a protective helmet, but Dash likes the ladies to see how handsome he is. Dash never does anything quietly, and likes to be in the spotlight. He hates aliens but likes giant monsters, and will only attack them if they attack him. Dash is called in when things get out of hand. He wears a Jet Pack (Drive Vehicle roll -2, TTG170) that lets him fly into action. Dash's natural enemies are aliens and science run amok! He has Secret Decoder Rings, a ray gun (1d+2 damage), and. unlimited root beer in his Back Pocket.

Beliefs &  Goals: I am here to save the day! Never pass up the chance to get in front of a camera and show the people the amazing world of science! Aliens need to be defeated at all costs. Get the military to leave the giant monsters alone. It's not their fault! Have plenty of stories and decoder rings for the kids. I hear something... DASH INTO DAAANNNGERR!!!

Hit Points: 12    Speed: 9

Muscle: 6
Break Down Door: 6
Climb: 6
Fight: 8
Pick Up Heavy Thing: 6
Throw: 6

Zip: 8
Dodge: 8
Drive Vehicle: 9
Fire Gun: 8
Jump: 8
Ride: 6
Run: 8
Swim: 5

Smarts: 4
Hide/Spot Hidden: 2 (loud jet pack)/4
Identify Dangerous Thing: 4
Read: 5
Resist Fast Talk: 4
See/Hear/Smell: 5
Set/Disarm Trap: 4
Track/Cover Tracks: 7

Fast Talk: 6
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods: 6
Sleight of Hand: 6
Sneak: 3 (loud jet pack, duh!)

Cosmic Shift: 6
Incredible Luck: 8
Superleap: 7
Talk to Monsters: 8
Toughness (Physical): 8
Toughness (Energy): 5

Toon T-Days is brought to you Tuesdays and/or Thursdays by your friends at Ace. Ace. If it's not from us, watch out for falling anvils.