Monday, April 30, 2012

B-Movie Monday

I'm back with the Master of the Flying Guillotine!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

[Mystery Men] Random City Snapshot: Kung Fu Girls With Guns

Popular depiction of "The Kung Fu Girls With Guns"

These ladies are inspired by the Kung Fu School Girls With Guns and the Kung Fu Schoolgirls 28mm miniatures by Eureka Miniatures.

Sometimes the law is not enough in Random City. When justice is denied and the innocent suffer, the agents of Madame Bai Kuang Hui go into action. Each of the Madame's students were disadvantaged and forgotten, of all races, colors, and creeds. She gave them a home and a purpose. Long ago for stopping an ancient Chinese immortal, Madame Hui was cursed to never bear a child to bear her name. So she took it upon herself to make a better life for these girls, who she saw as mirrors of her own youthful energy.

Madame Hui's paramour, the legendary marksman Harry Courage, respected Madame Hui's choice and the martial arts that the girls were being taught. But Courage taught the girls to also respect the power of the gun, of cold steel and hot lead. Thus was every adopted daughter of Madame Hui and Harry Courage taught not only the mystic martial arts, but the arts of fine marksmanship as well.

Parts of Random City rest a little easier at night. Dubbed by the sensationalistic press as "The Kung Fu Girls With Guns" the daughters of Madame Hui protect the innocent and the oppressed with Chi and Colt. The efforts of these orphans who combine East and West into a deadly force of justice. And thus a diabolical curse resulted in a force of good that has saved countless lives.

Typical Kung Fu Girl With Guns (25,000 XP)
Adventurer Level 9 (12,800 XP)
STR 3| DEX 6 | CON 5 | INT 3 | WIL 6 | CHA 6
HP 36 | DC 11 | ATK +7 melee, +7 ranged | SPD 2
Powers: Catfall (1,000 XP), Iron Grip (1,000 XP), Super Charisma +3 (3,000 XP), Super Constitution +2 (2,000 XP), Super Dexterity +3 (3,000 XP), Weapon Master (Choice) (1,000 XP).
Gear: Handgun (600 XP), Hand Weapon (600 XP)

Each of the girls are different as Madame Hui encourages each Kung Fu Girl to develop her own knowledge and strengths. Use more XPs to individualise each Kung Fu Girl. Some of the girls have a complement of guns and other weapons. Others can focus their chi to become invisible or shoot out elemental bolts. These are not the only possibilities. One of the girls had an arm and both legs replaced with cybernetics. Another girl was transformed into a vampire.

Just another night in Random City.

Monday, April 9, 2012

B-Movie Monday: Peter Cushing's Doctor Who

Here are the trailers for the two Amicus Productions Doctor Who films with Peter Cushing. These films are interesting to me in how they take the Doctor vs the Daleks conflict and takes it out of the TV show canon.

 Peter Cushing's Dr. Who has it's own Wikipedia page, including some theories on where the movie Dr. Who fits in the television Doctor Who canon.

Monday, April 2, 2012

B-Movie Monday: Serial Trailers

Here are a few trailers from classic cliffhanger serials from the Golden Age of Film.