Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bonelord-A Villain for Light City

This is a Light City version of a character I created for Icons 8 years ago! Enjoy!

Real Name: Clinton Darnell
First Appearance: Mike’s Amazing RPG Fun Pad, July 2010
AC: 4[15]  HD: 4(20 HP)    Attacks: Weapon (1d6 dmg), Magic Missile from Armor (1d6), or Mystic Item(s)  Move: 12

Humanoid Skeleton: Bonelord is considered Undead and can be repelled by certain mystic rituals and is immune to Charm Person, Sleep and Illusion.
Spellcasting: Bonelord can cast the following spells at will: detect magic, read language, light. He can attempt to wield other spells, but strange things happen. (GM’s choice)
Armored Suit: This garish red and green alchemically treated armor grants -4[+4] armor bonus with no mobility loss and can fire magic missile for 1d6 damage.
Mystical Items: Bonelord usually carries around 1d3 items of variable mystic potency. GM can decide what Bonelord wields.
Unlucky: When it comes to magic spells and artifacts, Bonelord has horrible luck with such forces. Something will go wrong.

Bonelord looks like a walking, talking skeleton encased in a gaudy but effective suit of red and green armor. He always carries magical items of varying degrees of power. Despite not having any lungs, Bonelord still sounds like a normal human being.

Bonelord claims to be Clinton Darner, a rich amateur occultist who accidentally summoned a demon of flaying instead of a hyperactive succubus like he wanted. The occultist escaped his imprisonment in Hell, but could not regain his original body, just his bones. Most of the mystic community believes this story. Bonelord has two reputations: he is extremely clever, but his also one of the unluckiest supervillains on Earth.

A typical Bonelord plan usually involves gaining an artifact that can augment his meager magical skills and give him access to undreamt of magical ability. Procuring the artifact is usually no problem for Bonelord; controlling it is another matter. If an item will open up a gate to the Pure Heavens, an angry Archangel will send down some Seraphim to cleanse the North American continent. If one of the Lost Pages of the Necronomicon will raise “an army of bone”, Bonelord will summon some marrow eaters instead. Anything that can go wrong usually does around this villain. Even other weirdness magnets marvel at the bizarre ways that reality conspires to stop whatever he attempts to accomplish.

Current Status: Mobile, still wreaking havoc by ham-handed use of mystic artifacts.
In Light City Bonelord has repeatedly crossed paths with the Mystical Community
who just want him too stop.

Bonelord Picture created using Fábrica de Heróis.