Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Vincent Price!

One of my favorite horror movie actors was Vincent Price. His sardonic charm graced my childhood from the Roger Corman Poe films to Baka from The Ten Commandments to Vincent Van Ghoul from The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. Today/Yesterday would have been his 100th birthday.

Here are some of my favorite Vincent Price characters:

Dr. Anton Phibes

Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfunder General

Vincent Van Ghoul

Prince Prospero

The incredibly creepy Baka the Master Builder

Dr Erasmus Craven

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Christopher Lee!

Happy Birthday to one those celebrities I always wanted to meet, Sir Christopher Lee. He's fun even in crappy movies. Hell, he was in Howling II Your Sister Is A Werewolf. Sir Christopher always lent a touch of class to any endeavor, and his voice kind of scared me as a kid. His Hammer Films were part of my childhood as devoured all of the classic horror I could.

One of my guilty Christopher Lee movies is Horror Express also starring Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas. Enjoy.

Filmation Friday: Take Him To Ming!

IMHO one of the coolest robot designs Filmation ever did: Ming's robot warriors the Metal Men from the The New Adventures of Flash Gordon.

Bonus! Ming's Metal Men from a Flash Gordon coloring book.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Three Characters for Rogue Space

Here are three characters I made using the new Rogue Space rules, a free 8 page rpg you can pick up at This little 8 page set of rules has a lot of power behind it. I say check it out.

The characters below are built with the following options:
  • Luck rules (page 3)
  • Increasing Levels (page 3)
  • Psionics (page 4)
  • The campaign setting is a near future metropolis where weird technologies and recently rediscovered psionic abilities exist. The world goes on, day by day, while a Secret War wages behind the scenes.
John Lowder

All John Lowder wanted was a normal life, with a normal job and a normal family. That all changed when a psychic battle a block away from the small apartment that he called home awakened his own abilities. John has the rare ability to copy the psionic abilities used against him. This power is a weapon that many factions would love in their arsenal. Now John Lowder is a wanderer who is using the power that he once thought was a curse as the only edge he has to keep himself free.

Fighting 1
Acquiring -1
Scientific 2
Empathy 1
Repairing 1

Archetype: Technician 1
Hit Points: 4
Movement: 20'
Luck: 1

Power(s): Psychic Vampire
Weaponry: Pistol (Damage Rating: Light/2)
Armor: None

Maria Salazar

Maria has only known life outside of the Mesmer Project for five years. She is a Second Generation Induced Psychic, created utilizing the remnants of various clandestine WWII experiments. The 20XX New Dawn Accords dissolved the Project and released Maria into the normal population. Beautiful and confident to the point of recklessness, Maria wants only to be left alone and have some fun. She has not forgotten her childhood, though, and abusers of the innocent find themselves paying a very cold price for their deeds.

Fighting 1
Acquiring 2
Scientific 1
Empathy 2

Archetype: Rogue 2
Hit Points: 6
Movement: 30'

Power(s): Psychic Shield, Cyrokinesis (the ability to create cold and ice with the mind)
Weaponry: Knife (Damage Rating--Light/Damage 2)
Armor: Leather Jacket (Armor Rating--Light/Protection 1)

(Level 2: +1 Fighting)

Gregory Dawson

This former soldier is a rarity in the Secret War: he is not enhanced technologically or psionically. Greg was injured in service to his country and used both Western and Eastern medicine to aid in the healing process. He left the Service and today hires himself as a bodyguard to protect those who can't protect themselves. Those with powers who underestimate Greg find that he is very hard to kill and he can keep a grudge for a long time.

Fighting 3
Acquiring 2
Scientific 0
Empathy 0
Repairing 1

Archetype: Fighter 3
Hit Points: 8
Movement: 40'
Luck: 3

Power(s): None
Weaponry: Knife (Damage Rating--Light/Damage 2), Military Rifle Knife (Damage Rating--Heavy/Damage 4)
Armor: Ballistic Cloth (Armor Rating--Light/Protection 1)

(Level 3: +1 Acquiring, +1 Fighting)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Filmation Friday: Skeletor Stole Your Blogposts!

I know what's happening to all of the blog posts:

Fricking Skeletor!

From the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance".

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Legos Are So Much Cooler Now

If these kind of Legos were out when I was a kid, I'd have more Legos now.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Filmation Friday: Collossor

The closest Filmation came to Jack Kirby. Collosor from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode "Colossor Awakes"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gamma Squad For TWERPS Rob Liefeld

I originally wrote this up for HowToDoEverything, the TWERPS Yahoo group about five years ago. One of the regular posters at the time, Dr. Gerry M. Weinberg, wrote a TWERPS supplement called TWERPS Rob Liefeld. This was a homage/parody of the style of comic said Mr. Liefeld seems to "excel" in. I had fun writing them up, and have been trying to adapt them to other super rpgs for a while now. I probably will do stats for these characters using upcoming Mystery Men! superhero RPG and ICONS. Here the characters are in their original form.

I found this in a notebook for something I was going to work on called the TWERPS Bunch ‘O Stuff, a small little fanzine. Never got around to it. I did decide to type this up to share my first “official” TWERPS fan work. The characters are slightly more powerful than the characters in TWERPS: ROB LIEFELD, but I was going for an Image Comics feel. There is no challenge to Doc on copyright—I’m just playing with his rules.



Officially Project Gladiator does not exist.

Project: Gladiator (aka The Project) is a program by the US Government to create metahumans. After the disappearance of most of the supers of “the Silver Age” in 1975, the Project was created to develop replacements under government control. Many sources of powers have been developed including genetic experimentation, bioware, cyberware, high technology reverse engineered by the gadgeteers of the Silver Age, and other rarer, individual sources of research.

Gladiator subjects often join teams coordinated for maximum public exposure and balance. They are presented as independent teams, but each group has a handler to curb the more extreme elements. In times of crisis huge teams can be mobilized. Some, of course, go rogue. And not all metas are created by the Project…


Gamma Squad is one of the younger teams created by the Project. It is based currently in Chicago.


ST 7; Teleport, Telekinesis, Born Leader, Pose Enigmatically

Philadelphia is the leader of Gamma Squad. He is a subject of a recreation of the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, and is one of the saner survivors of the journey. His superiors chose him to lead because of his leadership ability and to keep him away from finding the truth about the Project and his link to the Silver Age. He wears a simple black bodysuit, eschewing something fancier. {Philadelphia’s powers all manifest a green aura when being used.

ST 5; Super Strength, Regeneration

Bulwark is the quick healing strongman of the Gamma Squad. He is often the man that starts punching the bad guys when Philadelphia gives the world. Bulwark plays the part of the wisecracking big man, but he really wants to be a teacher. His musculature is supremely ripped. He is seven feet tall and wears a modified Gamma Squad jumpsuit designed to withstand his strength.

ST 6; Cyborg x2 (Armor, Sensor, Strength, Gun), Hot, Pose Reflectively

Lady Steel is a former FBI Agent who was injured during a battle between Lightning Force and super powered soldiers of the Triac Empire. She was rebuilt using experimental cybernetics based on the notes of the gadgeteer known as Steel Sanderson. Her FBI training aided in her recovery, but she still regrets the loss of her humanity. She is close to Sifu and has a mad crush on Philadelphia. Lady Steel is a severely beautiful woman with obvious cybernetic parts.

ST 5; Flight, Energy Blast

The teen heartthrob of the Gamma Squad, Arcweld is a mutant from California recruited by Project Gladiator. His arcweld is a blast of plasma that can melt steel or can propel him through the air. The main reason he was recruited was the fact his father is a powerful Hollywood movie mogul. Arcweld used to be a spoiled brat, but is beginning to realize that such an attitude can get him killed real quick.

ST 7; Extra Attack, Iron Will, Living Weapon, Pose Enigmatically

Sifu claims to be the last practitioner of a martial arts style known only as the Thunder Fist. He also claims to be over 300 years old. Sifu looks like a fit Oriental man in his late 20s wearing loose fitting clothes. He is inordinately fond of enigmatic phrases and appearing behind people mysteriously. Sifu joined the Gamma Squad for reasoned known only to him.

ST 6; Super Speed, Blade Master, Pose Seductively

Deathblade has known Philadelphia for years, and doesn’t care for him all that much. Deathblade is convinced that he would have been a far better choice to lead Gamma Squad. Super speed and prowess with bladed weapons make him a dangerous foe able to slice a man apart is seconds. He is a strikingly handsome and charismatic fellow, adept with wooing the ladies and being everybody’s friend. He is also a borderline sociopath, a metahuman the Project is very worried about.

ST 5; Feral, Super Agility, Hot

Raptress was an experimental subject of the Moreau Society, a group of scientists experimenting on merging animals and man into composite beings. (The Project also funds the Society). She was released by the Lightning Squad and recruited by the Project soon afterwards. Raptress retains much of her human intellect and is still quite the student. She is prone to go beserk in battle, however. She remains a beautiful woman, with luxurious black hair and light green scales, similar to snake skin.

ST 5; Special Agent (Project: Gladiator)*, Detective*, Pistol, Laptop

Steven Moriarty is the current Project handler for the Gamma Squad. Steve is one of the newer handlers to come out of the Project in recent years. He is rather amiable for a government employee, willing to listen to several alternatives before making his decisions. He refers to Philadelphia in most situations but is no pushover. Steven gets along well with most of the team, though he thinks Deathblade is a psychopath. He is quietly falling in love with Raptress. Oh, in case you are wondering, he is a descendant of THE Moriarty, his thrice great-uncle in fact.

*Professions used here are from The T.W.E.R.P.S. Files campaign book.