Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is Strange: Revenge from Planet Ape

I stumbled on this on a random morning of surfing on the net. A review of Tombs of the Blind Dead mentioned an alternate opening/recut version that tied it to the Planet of the Apes movies. The alternate opening sequence was on the 2005 DVD release of Tombs of the Blind Dead. I don't know if it's real or a clever fake, but imagine the RPG possibilities...

Is that not awesome?

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Farewell, New Year's and Recommended Stuff

Welcome to a new year at The Amazing RPG Fun Pad!

The end of the year was kinda bleak. My Grandma Lahr (my stepmom's mom) died at the age of 85 in the hospital of natural causes on December 22. She was not feeling well but the death was unexpected. The funeral was on the 29th, and she will be missed. Every time some one asks "Why did the chicken cross the road?", I'll think of Busha.

I was going to stay home on New Year's Eve, but Pa told me I should go out. So I got together with one of my bestest friends, the lovely Charisse, and her family and met them at the party they were attending. I had a blast. Everybody was cool and kept an eye out for me. I danced, I caught up with friends, and I sang "Baby Got Back" at Kareoke. A night well spent. I hope the rest of the year goes better.

Me dancing with Paige, my friend's daughter.

The Odd Couple: Me and my friend Charisse.

That's it for pictures. I'm not one much for being in pictures. But I did have a good time.

Links wise, I found some really good stuff:

Savage Ghostbusters: A page by Greywolf for roleplaying in the Ghostbusters universe using the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition. The material presented here is all top notch stuff, well drawn and beautiful. Even if you don't play Savage Worlds, there is some good stuff to borrow. Download the Figure Flats and Vehicle Markers--there's a nun with a proton pack, baby.

A Visual History of 80'S Video Companies is a page devoted to the art of 80's VHS boxes found on the Critical Condition website. Go to this site for a trip down memory lane. From the beautiful bix box artwork of the Wizard Video company to the cheesy movies you rented at the local video store, this is a great nostalgia trip.

All the great RPG Blogs that are popping up out there. I find myself spending more and more time checking out various blogs around the blogosphere. Some real creative people are putting out some real neat stuff. Keep up the good work gang. It's fun being part of the show.

I'll try to keep posting more stuff, and I hope you all will do the same.