Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Space Princess] Lt. Cali Mitchell & Ursus, Son of Hercules

Among the more unique Mercenaries that frequent the Free World of Kronos are Lt.Calpurnia "Cali" Mitchell, of the Terran Expeditionary Corps, Retired and her mate Ursus, Son of Hercules, Slayer of the Martian Cyclops.

Cali is a third generation bionically enhanced solider who was forcibly removed from exploratory service. She terminated the rest of her squad that declared themselves gods of a backwater planet and began a reign of terror. The service agreed to leave her alone but there are those in the TEC who want revenge.

Ursus, Son of Hercules is one of the Heraclade, a human offshoot who claim direct decent from the Greco-Roman demigod Hercules (Heracles). Both male and female are strong and brawl at the least provocation. Ursus is known as the Slayer of the Martian Cyclops after he prevented the resurrection of the evil buried under the Martian Polar Wastes.

For missions that are in more open arenas Ursus and Cali are often joined by Ursus' childhood pet Victor, a rare kuranmord, a lion-like predator that usually rampages on Metallic Deathworlds. Ursus found Victor when he was a cub, and the two bonded over countless battles. He adores Cali just as much, and many an intruder has found out that Victor doesn't sleep when they do...

Cali and Ursus met during an inconvenient temporal crisis, and their first brawl raged in a world city for two days. After it was broken up, Cali brought Ursus a drink. They kept getting hired by the same employers and grew closer as a result. What the pair lack in wisdom and social graces they make up for endurance and righteous rage.

Lt. Calpurnia "Cali" Mitchell, Terran Exploration Corps
Human Bionic Warrior (Cyber-Woman)

Hit Dice 5 Hit Points 40 Skill 6 Luck 2
Defense 18 Fight 12 Shoot 13

Skills: Climb 13, Leap & Swing 13/19, Swim 13
Specials: Bionic Implants: bionic calves (leap with Skill 12), bionic ears (Listens through doors with Skill 12), bionic fists (fists like laser swords 1d10 dmg)
Gear: Combat knife (1d6), Raygun (2d6), snazzy jumpsuit & headband

Ursus, Son of Hercules, Cyclops Slayer
Alien (Heraclade) Primitive (Warlord)

Hit Dice 9 Hit Points 68 Skill 10 Luck 0
Defense 15  Fight 18 Shoot 14

Skills: Avoid Notice 15, Climb 19, Leap & Swing 19, Swim 19, Tracking 14
Specials: Double Damage with fists & hand weapons, +1 to Initative, -5 to Super science
Gear: Maciste's Sword (1d6), Astra's Bow (1d6), 20 arrows for bow

Heraclade Characters:
Humanoid (+1 STR, -1 KNO)/ +1 STR

Kuranmord companion

HD 8, DEF 12, FIGHT 18 (1d8), SHOOT -, STR 10, DEX 6, MEN 4, KNO 0, DL 7, Special: Pounce (2 attacks when initiative is won)

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