Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve With Full Moon Entertainment 2016

Christmas Eve is here again! This is a night of personal and family traditions, and I have several of my own. Now, continuing the Amazing RPG Fun Pad Christmas Eve Celebration tradition, I present to you the 2016 Full Moon Entertainment Christmas Eve Extravaganza!

Here's a playlist of some fun trailers including the fun 1986 Empire Pictures film Eliminators and a Videozone video magazine from Trancers II.

Holiday Notes....

As you look to the right I only had 3 posts this year and 1 of them was a repost. I had the usual things: writer's block, busy at work, family stuff, etc. Next year I want to post more. That's the plan, at least. While I haven't written much I have read a lot of blogs over this year. You all have awesome stuff! I'll have more next year I promise!

Now, as is customary on the Amazing RPG Blog, I present for some Christmas carols. Two of my favorites I present to you today. We have John Rutter's Angel's Chorus and the Immortal Darlene Love's "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all of you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nakazi (Contagion Demons) For Gary Vs The Monsters

Hey Family! I'm back!

Here’s a new monster for the incredibly fun Swords & Wizardry based B-Movie RPG Gary vs The Monsters by Magic Pig Media. Inspired by some fun Italian movies.

"They will make cemeteries their cathedrals, and the cities will be your tombs."
Tagline for Demoni (1985)

Nakazi (Contagion Demons)

Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: Claws 2x (1d6) or Bite (1d6)
Total Atack Bonus: +2
Save: 17
Move: 15 (-1)
Fear: -2


Infectious: Nakazi are creatures of contagion and plague. Anyone bitten or clawed by a Nakazi should make a Saving Throw. On a failure the victim turns into a Nakazi in 1d8 minutes.

Quarantine: Reality seems determined to cordon off the Nakazi from uninfected victims and goes to extreme lengths to do this. What was once a door is now a wall. The windows that offers escape before the summoning now opens to a pit of spikes. Coincidences pile up to keep the players and the Nakazi contained. All Saving Throws against Haywire and Fear are at -2 in the Quarantined area. On a failure the GM can decide that one or two Nakazi escape...

Foul Blood: The blood and bile of the Nakazi are capable of contagion as well. Anyone who is forced to swallow Nakazi blood or have it sprayed upon them should make a Saving Throw. On a Failure the victim has a 50% chance to be transformed into a Nakazi (GM discretion)

Killing It (B): Slashing, stabbing and burning are very effective against the Nakazi. The survivors can escape the Quarantine.

Similar to the Necroids (GvM p 37), the Nakazi are demonic spirits who seek to possess the living and wreak havoc. Unlike Necroids, the Nakazi are feral and destructive, rampaging monsters who want only to spread death and contagion. The Nakazi manifest through story and vision, summoned to reality by watchers and readers of works that introduce them to this reality. One victim is chosen, and soon begins to spread the infection throughout a confined space like a theater or an apartment building. If the Nakazi escape into the world, so much the better. Reality reacts to their very nature by confining them to one space and hoping the victims can stanch the contagion. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

In Honor of Angus Scrimm: Tomb Harvesters for WaRP/Over the Edge Repost

With the death of horror great Angus Scrimm (aka the Tall Man from the Phantasm films), I wanted to dig up something from the past. Presented here is something I did back in 2012 for a blog challenge called Monstrous Monday. Enjoy.

Here's my first entry for Monstrous Monday using the Wanton Role-Playing System for a monster inspired by some horror movies. I have some stats for the tomb harvesters in Space Princess, but I can't find them right now. But anyway enjoy...

Tomb Harvesters
You think that when you die, you go to Heaven? You come to us!  The Tall Man, Phantasm II

Tomb harvesters appear as 7 foot tall male or female humanoids dressed in the funerary attire of whatever place they are currently inhabiting. Their skin tone range from a sickly white to ashen gray or washed out colors. The tomb harvesters slowly infiltrate the less advanced planets for the purpose of harvesting the dead of any humanoid species.  First the dead are harvested from the cemeteries of small communities, and the bodies are sent to unknown dimensions via strange and unpredictable gates. As the harvester and their servitors become more entrenched the body theft become more brazen and the living are soon targeted. Living victims are transformed to various minion forms or drained of life force to fuel a variety of strange machinery. Unopposed by anyone a tomb harvester can wipe out a small planet in a few years, the entire world becoming an empty husk. Even if prevented from their task, the harvesters can cut a swath of death and destruction throughout an area.

Although they appear to by humanoid, tomb harvesters are theorized to be some kind of engineered being or revivified undead. They are superhumanly strong and very hard to kill, often shrugging off small arms and laser fire. Many harvesters have revealed the equivalent of psychic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and illusion projection that are used to injure, kill, and confuse their victims . While all foes are seen as a danger, tomb harvesters will especially target opponents who demonstrate psychic abilities activated or latent. Psychics and espers have been known to sense tomb harvesters long before others, and untrained psychics seem to be either desired or feared by them.

The presence of a tomb harvester slowly starts to corrupt the reality around the areas were they lair. In some ways the harvesters are an extension of the gates that they use to transport their harvest. As their influence grows, the harvester can move in the shadows to confuse and capture their opponents. Time and space seem to bend around them, and many people who thought they have escaped for the tomb harvester have found that road winds back into the clutches of the fiend they were trying to escape.

Most Tomb Harvesters have abilities beyond the stats below. Each is in response to their environment and their personal interests.

Attack Dice: 4 dice (unnatural strength)
Defense Dice: 4 dice (Technomantic Body)
Hit Points: 35 (unnatural)

Engineered Technomantic Construct/ 5 dice

The tomb harvester appears as a creepy human but is actually a technomantic construct designed to withstand pressures and environment that would kill most humanoids. Their build makes them superhumanly strong and resilient, and able to regenerate most forms of damage. Hand to hand combat with a tomb harvester is not recommended. (Blood doesn't 'look right')

Funerary Rites/ 3 dice

Wherever the tomb harvester is, it immerses itself in the funerary rites of the culture they have chosen to infiltrate. In most cultures the harvester becomes a priest, a mortician, or an executioner. In more barbaric cultures the harvester acts more like a ghoul on the outskirts of society feeding on the refuse of the dead. Whichever the result, the reverence, respect, and sometime fear that those who work with the dead are given allows the harvester to work in the shadows.  (Wears funerary attire)

Warper of Reality/ 3 dice

The very nature of the tomb harvester warps the reality where their gates lie. The harvester is not omnipotent, but it can sense beings that invade it's complex easily. The harvester can cloak its nature from most people, appearing as a tall, albeit creepy humanoid   As their influence grows the harvester can torment its victims with a variety of psychic abilities. A tomb harvester can follow a victim through the shadows silently, always appearing when they least expect them. (Appears where you know there wasn't a door)

Servitor/ Flaw

While very powerful, the tomb harvester is ultimately a servitor to the alien powers that created it. They have a tendency to follow their instinct to harvest the dead, and little else can get in the way of that goal. This can be used to overwhelm the harvester with unusual tactics it does not expect. (Listens to something that isn't there)

Warper of Reality/ Flaw

The tomb harvester's warping of reality can be noticed, especially by those with psychic or mystic ability. Things begin to change as the harvester works, and those who have dealt with tomb harvesters can trace the signs, and possibly stop them before it happens again to another town. In addition, latent mystics and psychic abilities seem to affect the warped reality of the tomb harvesters. The latents begin to dream of the harvester and the gates, and they are noticed back in kind. These people are either destroyed or used as templates for new tomb harvesters. (Flashes of the harvester's true form)

Inspired by the Phantasm movies and City of the Living Dead by Lucio Fulci.