Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter: The Home Stretch

It's like the title says: less than 72 hours until the end of the Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter. As someone who doesn't back as many Kickstarters as I would like, this is one I have followed with great interest for a simple reason:
I really love the concept of Cartoon Action Hour. A roleplaying game designed to emulate 80s action cartoons.
Cynthia Celeste Miller created a game that I always wanted to and did a better job than I would have. If the Kickstarter had just made the initial goal of $4500, I'd be a happy man. As of today the total pledged is nearing $15,000. I pledged $25 for a pdf of the rules and a print copy too. As everyone knows, the sweet spot of a Kickstarter is hitting the stretch goals ans seeing what treasures can be unearthed. Many stretch goals have been passed already, and there's more to break in these final hours.

Why not check out the Kickstarter page (click the picture above for the link) and check it out. A tenspot ($10) will get you a pdf of the rules when completed, in addition to some sweet swag. Swag like more art and material in the rules. Mini cartoon series guides written by some of the great names in gaming including Steve Long, Shane Hensley, and John Wick. They even got 80s cartoon legends Flint Dille and Buzz Dixon to contribute material for the game: but only if the stretch goals are met!

Every time I've dealt with Spectrum Games, they've always been decent.  Here's to finishing up this Kickstarter strong!

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