Saturday, April 11, 2009

7 Brief Encounter Critical Ideas

With the Great Computer Move pretty much over with, I’ll probably be posting more often. So without further adieu, I present some ideas for Encounter Critical, fire tested with PURE SCIENTIFIC REALISM!

Or not.

* We need Encounter Critical/Lords of Creation conversion notes, if only for the whacked out monster manual that is The Book of Foes. Mr. Rients?

* Battle Jesters (below). The make you laugh with jokes and comedy. They make you hurt with powered armor and big fricking guns.

* Encounter Critical needs either (a) vehicle rules or (b) suggestions on what vehicle rules to steal...borrow from.

* Transchangors (right): Could somebody rip-off Transformers and Go-Bots to make a race of shape shifting robodroids that are buried in the mountains of Vanth? Yes! And they can be played by Zybots (a Transformer rip-off by Remco).

* Essential cartoon watching for Encounter Critical: Filmation cartoons. I love 80s cartoons in general, but Filmation cartoons have an eccentric edge that can be mined for ideas. Just half a season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe can give you campaign ideas for years.

* Encounter Critical: The Roger Corman Edition. The rules littered with stills from Corman films. Kind of like all those sci-fi movies that use the starships from Battle Beyond the Stars.

* Using the Encounter Critical rules to play a Warhammer 40K-esque campaign. Just think about the possibilities: Amazon space pirates. Hobbling psykers. Klengon space marines. Klengon space marines would rule.


* Encounter Critical Special Edition with plenty of bonus rules and race from the fans. And illustrated by Erol Otus. Oh yeah.


Grim said...

encounter critical need battletech crossed with car wars for the vehicle rules. something you can play in the abstract for gameplay purpose but use true scientific realisim for quantifying the capabilites of the vehicles wether they be pedal powered gycrocopters or juggernaut scale city destroying cyborg tanks.

Max said...

Battle jester is easy: multiclass Doxy/Warrior. Fighting prowess combined with Stun attack!

Seriously. Dudes don't wanna be Doxies, but it might be the most versatile class in the game.

Edsan said...

Seriously. Dudes don't wanna be Doxies.

Doxies don't have to be female. Perhaps if the male characters belonging to that class where refered to as "Gigolos" it would find more support?

Jeff Rients said...

Hmmm. It might be possible to put together a conversion spreadsheet for the raw stats. Let me think about this.

Jayson said...

Transchangors. Heh.