Sunday, June 13, 2010

Five links: Fantasy space,

d20 Aetherspace: A steampunk/fantasy space/Greek myth setting for 3.5 D&D or d20 Modern setting in a fully inhabited Solar System. He has Kangaroo Men in this one, people!

Voidspanners: A fantasy space supplement for the Basic Fantasy RPG (a Basic D&D Retro) by Luigi Castellani (Under the Moons of Zoon, Mazes & Minotaurs artist). Having a Spelljammer feel, there's good stuff to steal here.

The Brothers Brick: Pages upon pages of Lego creation from the Amazing to the Surreal. Some truly great work here.

Freedom in the Galaxy on BoardGame Geek: The entry on one of the games I always wanted as a child, Avalon Hill's Star Wars-esque Freedom in the Galaxy board game.

Paranormal Romance Generator: When you need some ideas for your next Urban Fantasy campaign.

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