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[B-Movie RPG] Two Characters from Fulci's The Beyond (for Unisystem)

I love cheesy 70s-90s horror movies. Although there is usually no logic or reason to these films, but there are plenty of characters, monsters, and situations to steal for gaming. So when I get some gumption out, I think I'll stat some of these things utilizing various RPG systems. This originally was posted on the Eden Studios Message Board for the Angel RPG in The 80's Rule post


I love threads like this. My first additions to this thread are two characters from the Lucio Fulci movie The Beyond. Or shall we say, the Buffyverse/Swinging Seventies/Heroes of the Millennium versions of these characters. There are mild spoilers, so be warned.

The Seven Doors Hotel Affair

There are areas in this world where the barriers between dimensions are not as strong as we believe. In the best of times these areas have a reputation for strange noises and unusual sightings. Sometimes the barriers grow thin enough to allow close hell dimensions to bleed into our own. Rituals and spells work far easier in such places, and blood shed in such a place can lead to unwanted gates opened. Soon they gain a reputation for being accursed. Some are even said to be entrances or gates to Hell.

At the turn of the century the Seven Doors Hotel was built over such a place. Formerly the land was deep in the swamps, but soon the land was drained and used for building. Strange occurrences soon began to happen there in the new hotel. In the late 20s, an artist named Schweick visited the hotel with a strange tome called The Book of Eibon. He disappeared several months later, after an incident that resulted a fire that destroyed a third of the building. Fifteen locals and the remaining guests of the hotel also perished, their remains never recovered.

Other strange incidents continued to plague the Seven Doors Hotel in the decades that followed. It went through several owners until Elizabeth Merill inherited it in the summer of 1981. This was when the disappearance of an artist named Schweick and the reading of the Book of Eibon led to the opening of one of the so called Seven Gates of Hell.

Liza Merill
played by Catriona MacColl

Elizabeth Merill inherited the Seven Doors Hotel on the fall of 1981. This came after failures in several other arenas, including and model, dancer, and fashion designer. Her plans for renovating and reopening the hotel came to a halt when a desiccated corpse was discovered in the basement. This discovery began a chain of events that led to the opening of one of the mythical Seven Gateways of Hell.

Liza is a bright, beautiful woman who just wants to find a place in the world to call her own. She is by nature a nervous woman, that situation not helped by her apparent lack of luck, and an increasing tie to the world of the supernatural.

Name: Liza Merill
Motivation: To have a normal, peaceful life
Critter Type: Human
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 2, Con 2, Int 3, Per 2, Will 3
Ability Scores: Muscle 10, Combat 10, Brains 11,
Life Points: 29
Drama Points: 10
Special Abilities: Attractiveness +3, Hard to Kill 1, Bad Luck 2, Emotional Problems (Fear of rejection, easily flustered), Psychic Visions.

Dodge;10;None; Avoid getting hit

John McCabe
played by David Warbeck

Jonathon McCabe left England for unspecified reasons and settled in New Orleans during the mid-70s. He came to be the chief surgeon of a small hospital when he met Liza Merill in 1981. Soon he was drawn into the strange incidents surrounding the Seven Doors Hotel.

John has a good bedside manner, but has a tendency to be incredibly blunt. The brusqueness turns to anger when he thinks he his being lied to. He wants nothing to do with the world of the supernatural, but is slowly finding himself forced into it beyond his control.

Name: John McCabe
Motivation: Find a rational explanation for things, the hippocratic oath
Critter Type: Human
Attributes: Str 3, Dex 3, Con 3, Int 3, Per 4, Will 3
Ability Scores: Muscle 12, Combat 12, Brains 12,
Life Points: 34
Drama Points: 10
Special Abilities: Fast Reaction Time, Nerves of Steel, Attractiveness +1, Mental Problems (Mild delusion (there's always a rational explanation), mild recklessness), Honorable (mild), +4 to Brains for Doctor, +3 to Combat for Gun-Fu.

Punch; 12;6;Bash
Dodge; 12;None;Avoid getting hit
Brain Shot;8(11)*;varies by attack;Bash doubled, Slash/stab tripled, Bullet quadrupled
Grapple;14;None;Resisted by Dodge

*Including the +3 to Combat for Gun-Fu.

With luck I'll have more characters including Peter West from Zombie and the good doctor from the House by the Cemetery.

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