Monday, June 13, 2011

[Mystery Men!] Mr. Samuel Weir, Mystic Defender of Old Town

Here's a character for John Stater's superhero RPG Mystery Men! (More info for the game at his Land Of Nod blog.) Old Town is a neighborhood in Shore City, the sample setting created for the game. But feel free to use him in any run down neighborhood that could use a little hope.

Mr. Samuel Weir, Mystic Defender of Old Town

Mr. Samuel Weir has always lived at the Belvedere Hotel, 13th Floor, 13th Room. Even long time employees can't remember a time when he didn't. Urbane and witty, Mr. Weir is a well known fixture of Old Town. One can find him taking him taking in a cabaret featuring the soulful singing of Dena Aveltine, or laughingly shooing away the Down 'n Out Kids as they run down the street. A smile always plays across his face as he walks through out the neighborhood.

The criminals of Old Town tell darker stories, of when Mr. Weir's smile goes away. They tell of strange things and strange events that plague those who take too much away from the hard working folk of Old Town. They also tell of Mr. Weir dealing with horrors that even hardened gangsters are afraid to tangle with. Some even say that when Shore City is invaded by outside forces, Mr. Weir stands alongside its heroes to fight the darkness.

Like his younger brother famed doctor (and wielder of the Purple Claw) Dr Johnathan Weir, Samuel Weir has been touched by the supernatural. Mr. Weir has chosen to remain in Old Town and protect the neighborhood from threats supernatural and supernormal. While he knows that he alone cannot stop the decay that is gripping Old Town, he can at least help those who are trying to help themselves.

Mr. Samuel Weir
Neighborhood Defender

Level 10 Sorcerer

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Constitution 3
Intelligence 9
Will 5
Charisma 5

Hit Points 29
Defense Class 10
Attack Bonus +4
Speed 2
XP: 15,200

Regenerate (3000 XP), Sorcery Pool of 50000 XP (25000 XP), Super Intelligence+6 (6000 XP)

Gear: Walking Stick [Potent Attack] (800 XP)

Flaws: Regenerate only works within the borders of Old Town. Sorcery cannot be used to directly damage another character. For example, Mr. Weir cannot cast Call Lighting to fry a drug dealer. He could cast Mirage to cause the drug dealer to swerve and crash into an abandoned building.

Notes: Dr. Johnathan Weir and the Purple Claw were created by an unknown writer and artists Ben Brown and David Gantz. Both are believed to be in the public domain, and are used as such.

And why William Powell? Watch The Thin Man movies. William Powell is the Man!

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