Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Risus] Dirk Bogart, Diablosaur Hunter

Just a quick Risus character for today. Take some weird dinosaur theories and add a twist of Valiant's version of Turok, Son of Stone and you get...

Dirk Bogart, Diablosaur Hunter

Dirk Bogart is the first Diablosaur Hunter. Once Dirk was a forest ranger until he stumbled onto a dimensional rift deep in Central Wisconsin. A gaping hole in an ancient burial mound opened into , the hideous realm of the Diablosaurs. At first Dirk used his wits, artifacts from the mound, and a smattering of occult knowledge from his grandmother, Dirk soon was able to get a hold of some technomantic weaponry to aid in his attempts to stop the Diablosaur invasion. His was a lonely battle until survivors of Diablosaur attacks began to her stories of a lone hunter foiling unholy plots. Other groups began to hunt the demonic dinosaurs and Dirk found himself a reluctant mentor to a new generation of Diablosaur Hunters. Most of the time you can find him deep in the woods hunting alone.

Grizzled Diablosaur Hunter [5d8]
Conversationalist Ex-Forest Ranger [4]
Reluctant Mentor To The Next Generation (3)
Grandson of A Wise Woman (3)

Bonus Item: Betsy: Technomantic Diablosaur Hunting Rifle (4)

Questing Dice (Destroy The Diablosaurs): [][][][][]

Hook: Guilt Complex. Dirk has always been a loner, dealing with people only when he has to, This tendency towards being a loner was only intensified by the hunt he finds himself in. Deep down Dirk is afraid that every death caused by Diablosaurs is his responsibility. He avoids crowds whenever possible, and keeps conversation to a minimum. This can hinder him in his Diablosaur hunting activities, even when he finds allies to his cause.

The Diablosaurs were inspired by this article.


richard said...

The name lends this character a second, secret side that I really like, but I don't know if it's intentional.

I picture him yearning after the object of his affections but unable to do anything about it, and therefore losing himself in this other life (Cyrano de Bergerac, basically), which makes the mentoring interesting: it forces him to engage with other people which doesn't square with his doomed romantic hero self-image.

Dr Rotwang said...

Mike, I hope you'll take a moment out of your day to congratulate yourself on the word "diablosaur".

'Cause you've earned that.

Mike David Jr. said...

@ richard: I created Dirk with a 80s/90s era animated series character feel in mind. Dirk Bogart just seemed like a solid cartoon name. I do like your character development ideas.

@ Dr. Rotwang!: I did congratulate myself, sir. Thanks for the compliment.