Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Spelljammer Ideas

I love the Spelljammer fantasy space setting by TSR. Every once in a while I have ideas that pop in my weary mind when I really should be working...

Battle Against The Horde

A great idea for a high powered Spelljamming campaign could involve the Evil Horde from She-Ra Princess of Power. The PCs are each from a different crystal sphere. On route to a Horde prison world, a fellow prison tells of a rebellion that started on the world of Etheria. The first adventure begins as the PCs take over the prison ship. During the campaign the players travel to different worlds to either escape the long arm of the Horde or too spread the message of the Great Rebellion to other worlds.

Blackstar Opening Could Be Spelljammer

I imagine a Spelljamming flying into a crystal sphere may look like this:

Key To A Crystal Sphere

Season 16 of Doctor Who, which involved the Key to Time, would make a great source for a crystal sphere. Each episode has a planet/idea or two that can be used as a planet in the sphere.

  • The Ribos Operation: Ice planet with inhabitants underground, home of barbarians, scoundrels and exiles.
  • The Pirate Planet: An artificial planetoid that devours small planets for energy.
  • The Stones of Blood: Prison ships/asteroids that drift in space.
  • The Androids of Tara: A renaissance-era world that specializes in android (read golem) construction.
  • The Power of Kroll: Swamp world with colonies from the other planets in the sphere. The native people fight against the invaders.
  • The Armageddon Factor: A war between neighboring planet with an evil shadow planet sowing discord throughout the sphere.

Wargolems in Spaaaaacee!

Since Spelljammer came on the market, several games have presented variants on the fantasy mecha/golem concept. Add that to Spelljammer and you add new possibilities for adventure. Imagine a magic item or helm variant that channels whatever force you wish into move a gargantuan golem body. An alternate idea is the wizard who can control a variety of golems (call jacks, constructs, etc.) ala Warmachine. Spelljammer explored this idea with the Sentinel construct from the Wildspace adventure (SJA1). . I'm seeing Iron Kingdom Warcasters in steampunk ships battling against the Bralian Golem Defense Force in the flows of the phlogiston. That could be interesting.

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