Monday, December 13, 2010

B-Movie Monday: Luigi Cozzi Superstar!

On this B-Movie Monday I want to give a shout out to writer/director/memorabilia store owner/Argento pal Luigi Cozzi. He doesn't have their mad flair of Dario Argento, the doom of Lucio Fulci, the sleaze of Antonio Margheriti, the action of Enzo Castellari or the "wtf" factor of Bruno Mattei. I've always had a liking for Cozzi because he was a horror/sci fi fan not unlike myself. Yes, his work is full of cliches and they have a tendency to be a little strange.

Yet two of his movies Starcrash and Contanimation are among my favorite movies ever. And he worked on three 80s peplum movies with Lou Ferrigno : Hercules, Hercules II (The Adventures of Hercules), and what I consider the real D&D movie, Sinbad of the Seven Seas.

So here's to Luigi Cozzi, all around genre fan who actually had a chance to make some of the movies he wanted to make.

Luigi Cozzi on Wikipedia (for a good overview of his career)

And as a final treat, the opening "Creation Myth" from Hercules (1983). I dare someone to use this "myth" as the source of their campaign world.

Enjoy your Monday!

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