Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve With Full Moon Entertainment 2010

Continuing the Amazing RPG Fun Pad Christmas Eve Celebration I present to you the Full Moon Entertainment Christmas Eve Extravaganza! Here are some more trailers from one of my favorite B-Movie companies.

Tim Thomerson is the man! And Andrew Robinson is pretty creepy in this one.

Bask in the cheesy goodness on this stop motion mecha movie.

A cheap-jack Tron clone that is kinda fun in it's own way.

One of the post-Paramount era Full Moon movies I liked.

In the later years of the original Full Moon Entertainment, Charlie Band and his people would film sequels back to back, They usually did this in Romania. He's a pair of sequels done this way.

Full Moon Films always had a comic book feel to them. Each video would have a section called the VideoZone. Each one had a behind the scenes of the current movie, a feature on another movie, coming attractions, and merchandising commercials like this one with the lovely Charlie Spradling.

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And since it's Christmas Eve I give you the Immortal Darlene Love singing Christmas (Baby Come Home) on the David Letterman Show. This is a Late Show With David Letterman tradition I try to catch every year, on TV or YouTube. Enjoy!

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