Tuesday, April 2, 2013

[Toon T-Days] Albert the Alligator

For the first installation of Toon T-Days, I present a reconstruction of one of the first Toon characters I ever created. This character was built as a starting character according to the rules in the Toon Deluxe Edition rulebook pages 18 to 50.

Albert the Alligator

Description: This well dressed 6 foot tall alligator is always dressed in the finest clothes he can find. Albert loves to cook and eat and often finds ways to do both. He tries to be courteous and polite but when someone pushes him to far, Albert loses his cool and shows them he was can brawl like his uncles! Albert carries a frying pan, a cookbook, and utensils in his Back Pocket. His naturals enemies are hunters and people who criticize his cooking.

Beliefs & Goals: Just because you was born in the swamp doesn't mean you can't dress up well! I am a great cook who can make a feast out of anything. Search out fine food and fun times. People who can't appreciate that deserve to be Boggled! Oh, you want some? Uncle Jean Claude showed me this move, and it'll hurt!

Hit Points: 11  Speed: 5

Muscle: 3
Break Down Door: 3
Climb: 3
Fight: 7
Pick Up Heavy Thing: 5
Throw: 4

Zip: 4
Dodge: 5
Drive Vehicle: 4
Fire Gun: 5
Jump: 5
Ride: 4
Run: 7
Swim: 6

Smarts: 4
Hide/Spot Hidden: 4
Identify Dangerous Thing: 6
Read: 6
Resist Fast-Talk: 6
See/Hear/Smell: 5
Set/Disarm Trap: 4
Track/Cover Tracks: 5

Chutzpah: 4
Fast-Talk: 5
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods: 5
Sleight of Hand: 4
Sneak: 5

(Fancy) Coat of Arms: 5

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Anonymous said...

Does Albert have a "Cajun" accent like G.I. Joe's Gung Ho?

I like this guy, not least of all because here reminds me of Aaron the Alligator from the Cat In the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary. He was may favorite, perhaps for obvious reasons. And now I finally know definitively where my love of dictionaries started. It's been an introspective day in this comment. My apologies.

Mike David Jr. said...

It depends on who doing his voice. :)

Happy I can help inspire introspection with a post about a cartoon alligator.