Monday, April 29, 2013

Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter Starts May 3

On May 3 the fine folks at Spectrum Games are starting another Kickstarter, this time for the new edition of Cartoon Action Hour! I've always had a soft spot for this RPG because Cynthia Celeste Miller made the game I always wanted to make: a tribute to the toys and cartoons of the 80s. And the folks at Spectrum did this with some fine work through 2 editions and several sourcebooks.

The other thing is that every time I dealt with anyone from Spectrum Games they were always friendly and decent. I've bought a bunch of product from Spectrum Games. There's a lesson there...

Check out the Cartoon Action Hour Season 3 Kickstarter draft page at for the current info. Here's hoping funding goes well for this fun game.


Anonymous said...

Well, well. This is exciting news!

Unknown said...

Thank you for support!