Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Visions of Vanth 7: More Gods of Vanth

Here are four more gods and goddesses from the Mighty Land of Vanth. But first a word of warning...

From the Wanderings of Werdna H'Tedirem 

Many are the gods and goddesses of Vanth. In my journey across the lands, I have seen and witnessed many beings who claimed divinity. Here are some of the lesser known entities I have encountered. One note: NEVER mock any being that can wish horrible horrible things to you from vast distances. You have been warned.

Eclai Fortune

The Prince of Vultures, Ringmaster of the Last Great Caravan, Death God of the Funfair Nomads. 

Eclai Fortune flies eternally over the Funfair Nomads, descending to Vanth when death approaches one of his own. The worshipers of Eclai are the sad clowns and fortune tellers of the Funfair Nomads. The dead of the Nomads are left in roadside shrines guarded from the living and the dead by well fed Giant Vultures and the morbid Raven Knights. For a Death God, Eclai is considered quite friendly and fair, and often offers his subjects advice and games to prolong their lives. His realm is the Great Road, a heavenly road where the Funfair Nomads roam, every stop full of money, food, and entertainment. 

The Golden Maria 

Oracle of the Steel Warlords, The Empress on the Throne. 

Legend says that the Golden Maria was the first Robodroid to tread Vanth, ages before the Vulkins even discovered the Medieval Sector. The Steel Warlords found her bound to her throne deep within the Hidden Caves and moved her into the capitol city where they ensconced her in the Hall of Ancestors. Most of the days she sleeps while autoscribes dictate her murmurings and augur their meanings. When she wakens, a kirilian halo emanates from her as Maria speaks to the Warlords in a voice mechanical yet rich with wistful emotion.

Bentwit the Clown

The Betrayer at the Gate, The Instigator of the Marks, The Slayer of the Rubes 

If the Funfair Nomads have a god of evil and greed, Bentwit the Clown is it. Formerly the right hand clown of the Grand Ringmaster, Bentwit grew jealous of the other peoples of Vanth and began to cheat and kill them heedless of the Law of Luck. The Grand Ringmaster cast Bentwit from the Great Exodus but he exists off the road, tempting Funfair Nomads to pillage and slaughter instead of trade and fun. Bentwit rules the hell called Chory┼╝art, a wasted expanse where evil Funfair Nomads are entombed in pillars of salt, never to roam the Afterlife like their kin.

The Shadow Man

Perdisdioj of  the Unwanted Truth, The Cloak of Midnight

One of the more unusual claimants to divinity are the Perdisdioj, personifications of the Concepts of Forgotten Terra, beings of amazing powers and strange flaws. How the Perdisdioj got to Vanth is a mystery to scholars, but their powers are a force to be reckoned with. Some denizens of Vanth have met the Perdisdioj, and have bargained for their favor. Forever in the shadows in a strange suit and coat, a Perdisdioj known as the Shadow Man speaks knowledge to the lies of power of corruption. However such knowledge is used or the consequences reaped  (good or ill) is of no consequence to him. Those who get too close are lost in the smoke and mist that clings to him.