Monday, November 5, 2012

B-Movie Monday: Slasher Flicks!

This isn't gonna end well: The Night Owl from Stage Fright
Welcome Back to B-Movie Monday! Today is a collection of slasher flick trailers. I must admit that slasher movies are not my cup of tea. I much more prefer a good supernatural or weird thriller rather than basic hack and slash. But I recently picked up Deep 7's Shriek X, the new expanded XPG version of their 1PG rpg Shriek. Plus I've been flipping through my PDF of Spectrum Games Slasher Flick too. (I did have a thought of using their Cartoon Action Hour Season 2 rules for grindhouse movies and call it Drive-In Exploitation Grindhouse.) So here we go...

Dario Argento's lost giallo.

A masterful deconstruction of  slasher cliches: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Saw this one on Chiller network. Not a bad one.

Another Italian classic and worth seeking out: Michele Soavi's Stage Fright (aka Deliria and Stage Fright: Aquarius). Death is beautiful in this one.

Two slashers go to war: The OK Freddy vs. Jason

And as a bonus, my favorite slasher movie credit music ever, "The Ballad of Harry Warden" from My Bloody Valentine (1981)

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