Saturday, May 30, 2015

[100 Word Idea] Toons=Faerie

Trying something new. 100 Word Idea is pretty much what it says, writing up a coherent idea in 100 words. This first Idea hit me at work, where all my best ideas spring from.


Capricious, indestructible, mischievous.

Classic faerie myth or classic toons? Sometimes hard to tell.

Ain't  I A Stinker?
Take the average Bugs Bunny cartoon. Funny, yes. Now put the situation of a rabbit tormenting someone in a horror lens. That scenario becomes a nightmare of destruction when the tormentor can bend reality. Death comes more than once....

Humpty Dumpty. Ax. Sun. Discuss Amongst Yourself.
Watch pre50s cartoons, from the bizarre black & whites to the mad technicolor dreams at the bijou. The horrors of the graveyard and bipedal animals singing and playing. Everything is alive. Sometimes “normal” beings are drawn into the cartoon.
Into Faerie.

Toontown might be another name for Arcadia.

That's All Folks!

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Legion said...

Like it.
Porky Pig and the Leprechauns is the clincher.
I'm going to watch it right now.