Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From The Forums: Psychic Girl Archetype for BASH Ultimate Edition

I'm trying to come up with some material because it seems time gets away from me lately due to work and life. So I've been digging into some older things I've done to share with you folks. Here's something that I came up with for a BASH Ultimate Edition RPG Archetype thread on the RPG.Net forum from 2010.

Psychic Girl Archetype for BASH

Here's a perfect assistant for a Monster Hunter, Psychic, or Masked Avenger.

Psychic Girl Friday 18 points (Stats 10, Powers 8)

Brawn 1 Agility 2 Mind 2
x4 Defense vs Hand to Hand, x4 Defense (Danger Sense)

Visions: Clairvoyance 2 (Past and Future) 2 pts
Intuition: Danger Sense 2pts
Reading People: Telepathy 1 (Empathy) 1 pts
Girl's Got to Defend Herself: Martial Arts Mastery 1 (Defensive) 1 pt
Clever: Skillful 2 2 pts

Recommended Advantages: Appeal, Eidetic Memory, Versatile, Contacts
Recommended Disadvantages: In a Relationship, Outsider, Suspectibility, Social Stigma, Ward
Recommended Skills: Deception, Humanities, Investigation, Medicine, Occultism, Streetwise

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