Monday, August 20, 2012

B-Movie Monday: H. P. L. Hullabaloo!

Today is the 122nd birthday of the Old Gent of Providence himself, H.P. Lovecraft. I thought it would be fitting to present some of of B-Movie visions of his work. No doubt Lovecraft would be horrified by these movies, but they are an exploitation --I mean celebration of his cosmic vision.

Eclipsed by Reanimator, From Beyond was a sick squishy adaptation of the short story. Some of the scenes in this movie still make me wince.

The Shunned House is a film by Italian director Ivan Zuccon. The narrative of the film includes elements from "The Music of Erich Zann", "Dreams in the Witch House" and the title story. Admittedly a bloody mess, but there are some effective visions of time folding in on itself.

Beyond the Dunwich Horror is best described as a blend of Lovecraft and Italian Horror. This modern day adaptation by Richard Griffiths is low budgeted but fun. Eyes take a beating in this one.


 The H. P Lovecraft Collection is a series dedicated to adaptions of Lovecraft's stories. There are some real gems in these collections and some interesting interpretations of the master's work.


Harlo said...

Wow! A number of these actually look pretty good- I love that composite effects they used for Cthulhu in Dreams of Cthulhu, and the latter entry seems to be of uniformly high cinematic quality- I love that shot of the headboard coming out the window.

Harlo said...

hat Cool Air also looks great. The Shunned House, while the voiceover was goofy had a great sense of style- I would love to see a good Giallo Lovecraft.