Thursday, November 17, 2011

[RISUS] Pyotr Derevenko and Sara Bannister

Here are two characters more urban fantasy characters I created for Risus. They use Options I, II, III, and IV from the Risus rules. Also used are the Lucky Shots & Questing Dice, Sidekicks and Shieldmates, Eye of the Tiger, and Boxcars & Breakthroughs Options from the Risus Companion


A former law student who dropped out of law school when strange incidents began to happen to him. Pyotr is a descendant of one of the mythical Bogatyri, the mythical hero knights of Russian legend. He often times has dealings with creatures of that myth cycle. Wherever he goes, his ancient heritage has a tendency to seek him out. Recently Pyotr has been spending more time with a fey maiden he saved from a mad alchemist.

Descendant of the Bogatyri (4d10)
Construction Worker (4)
Ex-Law School Student [3]

Hook:Myth Magnet: As a descendant of the Bogatyri, Pyotr is a magnet to mythological beings, especially faeries. While sometimes this is useful, this can also cause problems in GM-decided situations. Ex.: die penalty when sneaking because a nymph in the park your hiding in likes you; penalty sneaking in abuild because the house fey doesn’t like him.

Natasha (Real Name Unknown)

A Russian fey who has become close to Pyotr. Most people consider them a couple, but both of them deny it.

Cliches: Drop Dead Gorgeous Vila Fey (3), Mistress of the Crossbow (3)
Hook: Impulsiveness


The game is all that matters to Sara Bannister. She comes from a long line of con folk and grifters that have traversed the US and Europe. Sara is currently “retired” from the business. After a situation that she refuses to discuss, she was pardoned by the federal government and “directed” towards various private interests that could do more good with less bureaucracy .

Her skills are quite useful in investigators, but she is also used in delicate “retrieval” scenarios. Sara is carefully watched around the valuables.

Silver Tongued Ex-Grifter (4d8)
Gorgeous Actress (4)
Well Connected Player [3]
Vicious Dirty Fighter (3)
Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Hook: Hard to Resist the Con: Sara’s greed sometimes overwhelms her more altruistic aspirations. 1 die penalty in situation where she can get away with conning someone.

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