Monday, August 15, 2011

Mutant Future Inspiration: Zordax II: The Metal War and She (1982)

Here's a short film I heard of a year of two ago that is a tribute to 80's Italian post apocalyptic movies. Zordax II The Metal War is great Mutant Future inspiration, a bite size chunk of after the bomb type fun.

Here's the Zordax II page on Producer and Director Syl Disjonk's website.

Now here's two clips from a rarer movie, She starring Sandahl Bergman. H. Rider Haggard this is not. This is full throttle bats#!+ crazy 80s after the bomb movie fun! I had an old VHS copy but it got messed up, and it never was released on DVD that I know of. She is worth seeking out in whatever format you can find, because of scenes like this, presented below:

I'm sure that an enterprising Mutant Future GM can find a ton of ideas from these clips!

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Jayson said...

Oh God, SHE.

I saw that a few months back and was gobsmacked, frankly.

Its climax is so weirdly abrupt.