Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five Links and Grouchy Smurf

The Wandererverse: You want fan fiction crossovers? I'll give you fan fiction crossovers!

Welcome to the Corner: A fellow by the name of Cyprus Corners presents some of the best stuff not on DVD--like Damnation Alley and Moontrap!

Virtual Toy Chest: A great place to see some great old toys. Sorry about the E-bay ads.

ConceptArt.org Forums: (WARNING: Some stuff NSFW!) Concept artwork on a variety of subjects. A hour of tooling around can give you a year of gaming ideas.

cereal:geek magazine: A great 80s cartoon magazine edited by James Eatock, the legendary Busta Toons. Sample artwork and ordering information are all here. Check it out.

To finish, Grouchy Smurf says...

"I Hate Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag!"

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