Sunday, May 17, 2009

KIRBYMANIA: Three Pictures

Not much for Kirbymania this time:

Jack's proposal for a Phantom cartoon

A spread of the village from Jack's never made adaptation of The Prisoner

Your next Mutant Future campaign map:
Kirby rules!


Chris said...

Kangarat Murder Society?
Leopard Sea Pirate activity?
Mao-Tse Tigers?

I'm trying to think of a way that map could be any better...and I just can't. It's even crazier than the map from Andy Hopp's "Low Life".

Restless said...

Please tell me that you have that map in a higher resolution.

Mike David Jr. said...

I see if I can find one.

Jesse Carter said...

I am terrible w/HTML so please cut and paste this link to your browser, but this link has that map in a higher resolution: