Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Encounter Critical Ideas

Bouncing around the old noggin, two Encounter Critical ideas in glorious Weird-O-Vision!

Los Caballeros de la Máscara (The Knights of the Mask)

Los Caballeros de la Máscara are a wandering order of luchador knights who wander the land of Vanth battling the evil and corrupt. Eschewing weapons and armor, these brave men, women and things defend all the races across the land according to the tenets of the mythical Luchador Kings of Terra. Even the diabolical Darth Viraxis allows members of the Caballeros to fight monsters in his lands.

The Caballeros use strength, agility, and legendary wrestling ability to battle monsters and mad scientists. Each luchador knight has a unique mask that is chosen through deeds and visions. Their skills of wrestling are honed to a fine edge, and the oldest members of the Caballeros de la Máscara are said to have almost mystical powers. Legend tells that one of the founders or the order, La Máscara de Oro (The Golden Mask) battled Darth Viraxis to a standstill after a three day conflict.

There are legends of Fallen Caballeros who have betrayed the ways of the Luchador Knights, but most of these are believed to be stories used to scare children. If they are true, these Fallen Caballeros may become a great danger to all the lands of Vanth. Darker still are the archenemies of the Caballeros and the purpose of their creation: the Lich Templars of Ossorio. These blood drinking fiends are entombed in the North Mountains, but their dark influence is felt throughout the lands of Vanth.

Some great rules for Wrestlers in EC can be found in the Files section of the EC Yahoo Group and this great post on Malevolent and Benign.

The Floating Pyramid of Nephron-Ra

The skies of Vanth are littered with floating structures of different shapes and sizes. Whether powered by magic, science, or an unholy amalgamation of the two, these structures are the source of wild tales. Treasure, technology, and terror can all be found in these places. The more superstitious denizens of Vanth ascribe mystical qualities to those born underneath them. The more magically and scientifically advanced fly up to the structures explore them. Legendary structures above the lands of Vanth include the Floating Island of Roark, the Obelisk of Dolm Yav, Leng Phan’s Pagoda, and the Floating Fist of Be A’tal. But among the oldest and most famous is the Floating Pyramid of Nephron-Ra.

The Floating Pyramid of Nephron-Ra is the last of the famed Xandarian Battle Pyramids left in the Vulkin Empire. Built by the mysterious Xandarian Battle Wizards, the Battle Pyramids were designed as technomantic battleships for the mercenary magic users. According to myth, the Battle Wizard Nephron-Ra was betrayed a legendary king of Vanth. The king’s forces sacked the Battle Pyramid but the control sarcophagus was lost deep within the Pyramid. Nephron-Ra vanished after casting a powerful spell to scour the Pyramid clear of all the invaders.

Legends have sprung up upon the Floating Pyramid of Nephron-Ra. Stories of the current inhabitants include mummified fill-in-the blanks, a clutch of revived Xandarian Space Marines, avatars of the ancient Egyptian gods, or some other mad creation of the mind. Several parties of adventures have explored the Floating Pyramid over the decades, but the survivors are few. The tales they tell are varied. Some scholars believe that only one survivor has the true story. Others believe that the powerful magic of Nephron-Ra still alters the Floating Pyramid to the present day.

Asteroid 1618, the classic EC module rediscovered by Jeff Rients, has a pyramid map that is simple great for using for the Floating Pyramid of Nephron-Ra. You can download it here.

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Dr Rotwang said...

Los Caballeros De La Máscara are hereby given the Rotwang! Seal Of Total Tubularness.

Jeff Rients said...

Both items are great! One of my EC subsector maps includes Luchadorado, the planet where masked wrestlers rule as kings.

And where the heck is that pyramid pick from?

Mike David Jr. said...

Wow. Compliments from two of the bloggers I check out regularly. Thank you!

The pyramid pick is a screencap of the Ha'tak ships from Stargate SG-1 episode "Thor's Hammer".

Peace out!

Unknown said...

Hey Mike,
Sorry for the necropost, but Los Caballeros De La Máscara is truly an awesome piece of work. Do you mind if I link to it from the Lexicon of Vanth? I'll be gentle


PS Your description of LCDLM would also be perfect as a post on the Lexicon pretty much as it is. Just a thought ;-)