Friday, March 23, 2012

[Space Princess] Magistrate Nizraks Mercy, Unbound Psychic Entity Hunter

Here's another Space Princess character for you. I used the Psychic class from the Space Princess rules for this one, but I changed the details of his gear to reflect a more "witchfinder" feel for the character. Why Is He Going To The Space Fortress? is a little something to explain why this character is going up against the Dark Lord to find the Space Princess.

Magistrate Nizraks Mercy
Unbound Psychic Entity Hunter
Magistrate Nizraks Mercy is not an ordinary adventurer you would find plying his trade across the galaxy. He is one of the oldest living members of an ancient psychic order.  The Magistrates are psychics trained to that hunt down the strange Unbound Psychic Entities that seem to plague the Reevian Kritarchy and to stop them from wreaking havoc across their system.  Magistrates exist alongside the Orders of Law, able to overrule Continental Judges in pursuit of their goals. This power is tempered by a strict code of honor (enforced by various means) against abuse of their powers.

While Nizraks can come off as humorless and cruel, he takes no particular joy in his actions. He is a simple, honest man who has given up a more normal life to protect his people from enemies they cannot see until it is too late.

Magistrate Nizraks Mercy 
Human Psychic (Master)

STR 5 | DEX 5 | MEN 6 | KNO 4|
HD 7 | SKILL 12 | LUCK 0
HP 39  | DEF 15 | FIGHT 12 | SHOOT 12

Powers: Astral Projection (DC 20), Ego Whip (DC 10), ESP (DC 10), Mind Thrust (DC 15), Psychometry (DC 10)

Skills: Activate Psychic Power (18), Fast Talk (18), Leap & Swing (17), Swim (17)

Gear: Magistrate's Uniform, Power Hammer (1d10), Inferno Ray Gun (3d6, 10 charges, DC 25)

Why Is He Going To The Space Fortress?

  • The Dark Lord has an artifact that will banish the Unbound Psychic Entities
  • The Dark Lord has kidnapped a former student of his.
  • He gave another PC his word of honor to aid in a great endeavour.


Matt said...

Nice job!

Narmer said...

I like this. Great character. I just got the rules yesterday and haven't had a chance to finish them but I like what I've seen so far.