Sunday, March 18, 2012

[Risus] Baron Andre von Darke, Sorcerous Possessor Spirit

Baron Andre von Darke 
Sorcerous Possessor Spirit

A rare picture of Baron Andre von Darke
 The possessing entity who assumed the mantle of Andre von Darke was once a good man seduced by power and survival. A minor baron dying of a strange disease, he began to dabble in strange and arcane magics ultimately learning how to take over another’s body. Before Von Darke could take over the Kingdom of Slivonia by possessing the king he was bound into the Cube of Shadows, a spirit prison. When the Cube was split in the 1990s, Baron von Darke escaped the Cube with the other prisoners, and remains free to this day.
When not in a body, Baron von Darke appears as a handsome man in nobleman’s clothes. the Baron cannot influence the physical world directly, but he can still talk to people. His brown hair and beard are short and neatly trimmed. He usually has a friendly smile which turns quickly to rage when he is thwarted. When the Baron is possessing someone, their eyes glow red when angry or using magical ability.

  • Corrupted  Possessor Spirit From A Bygone Era [5d10]
  • Manipulative Sorcerer With Remaining Shreds of Honor [4d8]
  • Arrogant Brooding Nobleman (4)
  • University Taught Fencer (3)


Trapped in Spirit Form: Baron von Darke cannot physically affect the real world unless possessing someone and he has a susceptibility to exorcisms and banishments.

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