Saturday, March 6, 2010

Secret War 1948: Mystery Men vs Monsters!

By the end of the 40s both superhero comic books and Universal Horror movies were in a decline. Now you know the real reason.



When Count Dracula gathers together the world's greatest monsters into a virtual legion of doom, the greatest superheroes of the Golden Age must band together to fight this monstrous onslaught!

From the courts of Europe to the jungles of the Congo a new war is waged. Not for the fate of nations. For the fate of Mankind itself.

This is

Secret War 1948: Mystery Men vs. Monsters!

Author's Note:

I get my best ideas at work. I had watched the 1994 cartoon Monster Force (monster hunters in super suits vs the Universal Monsters) the night before and my mind began to wander. I took ideas from that cartoon and mixed them with an alternate earth idea I had involving monsters vs superheroes. Ken Hite did this first in the masterful Adventures in Darkness with a Lovecraftian/Golden Age hybrid . I wanted to do it with Dracula.

There are an amazing amount of Golden Age heroes in the public domain. So I had the supers When to set it was important--I wanted the setting post WWII because Nazis pretty much overwhelm any supernatural evil. The monsters would be a mix of monsters, murderers, and mythology. Finally I decided the year: 1948, the year that Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein was released, when the Universal Monsters became the butt of jokes.

I probably will never run or stat this, but I had to share the base concept. Enjoy.

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Tim Brannan said...

This idea is made of pure win.

I love pulling out Dracula as a big bad.

love to hear more about it.