Monday, March 29, 2010

B-Movie Monday!

There's a new blog celebrating the works of B-Movie auteur Albert Pyun. Their not always movies that make a lot of sense, but the B_movie flair shines through. Check out The Pyuniverse Blog for more fun.

Bruno Mattei (best known in American under the name Vincent Dawn) is another guy who makes those movies that makeyou say "What the F...". Some might call him a Hack, but he's a hack I like. The following clip is an 8 and a half minute interview with Mattei. Subtitled, but with spoilers and some NSFW language:

And let's watch Bruno "borrow" from Aliens and Predator:

Fun fact: The above movie, also known as Shocking Dark, is titled Terminator 2 in many countries!

It's Reb Brown and his posse!

Finally, it's time to add some Luche Libre to your day:

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