Friday, December 18, 2009

Mini Six and BASH! Ultimate Edition: Some RPG Fun

So much for posting more on my blog. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest time in the grocery business. So time that could be spent writing up game stats and posting YouTube videos was time spent doing stuff like sleeping. I never understood how easily Pa could fall asleep in his chair until I got in my 30s. It's real easy.

Due to several good reviews and recommendations (especially by the legendary Dr. Rotwang), I downloaded the D6 Clone Mini Six by the fine folks at Anti Paladin Games. It's seven pages of pure role playing power. I think I have the engine for my Sci-Fi Original Movie-esque role playing game.

I also got a copy of the BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes Ultimate Edition by Basic Action Games. This is a simple superhero system with an immense amount of flexibility. There are rules for playing superheroes ranging in power from pulp heroes from the 30s to superbeings grabbing comets and beating the bejeezus out of each other. Check out the Basic Action Games RPG home page here for samples and order info.

Right now I'm trying to get some writing done, so I'll see you later!

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Ray said...

Hi Mike!

I'm one of the AntiPaladin guys.

Thanks for your nice review of Mini Six!

I hope you give it a try at your table and tell us what needs to be fixed.