Monday, December 28, 2009

Just Wrong: The Asylum's Princess of Mars (2009) Trailer

I, like many, am waiting for the John Carter of Mars movie to come out. Well, the fine folks at the masters of ripping off the blockbusters known as the Asylum have you in mind. Ladies and gentleman, I give you...

I like Antonio Sabato Jr. and Traci Lords, but--my god.

I did like the "Inspiration for James Cameron's Avatar" bit, though. I can apprecciate the chutzpah.


Jayson said...


I will admit the clip of the bird-things with cages on their backs had a touch of the exotic, sword-&-planet mystique, but yeah--no thanks really.

Lousy font choice for the title too. "We want to evoke BSG, too!

Also, since Cameron's on record for saying Avatar is heavily influenced by the Barsoom books, I guess the circle is complete.

Cyborg Trucker said...

If it is anything like the Lou Ferigno Hercules movies I can take it!