Monday, December 12, 2011

B-Movie Monday: Low Budget Fun

I have respect for the really low budget film makers. I mean the guys and gals who make their own movies in their backyard with their family and friends. Yes special effects may be lacking and the acting questionable at best, but these folks at least made some movies. That's more than I've ever done...

I had a copy of this movie on VHS but I lost it. Took years for it to come out on DVD. An interesting and creepy dream monster movie:

A trailer from the legendary indie b-movie makers The Polonia Brothers:

Two trailers from the mind of Christopher R. Mihm, a Minnesota filmmaker who makes schlocky horror/sci-fi films. I love the classic 50s/60s retro feel to these movies.

A low budgeted horror comedy with an Ash Williams-esque character. Not a bad little film with fun characters.

A vampire movie by the late great Don Dohler. Dig the computer generated effects!


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