Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Toon RPG] Dudley Battlethumper, Rabbit Barbarian

Inspired by the classic Doom Bunny miniature by Ral Partha, I give you my first Toon RPG character in quite a while.

Dudley Battlethumper, Rabbit Barbarian

Dudley Battlethumper is a 7-foot tall gray rabbit that dresses in plate mail. He travels the Tooniverse in search of treasure and adventure. No one knows what he looks like because he always wears a full helmet wherever he goes. Dudley loves to fight anyone or anything for any reason with his trusty axe and shield. He makes outrageous oaths, and delivers them with a loud voice even when his friends are hiding. When someone tries to knock off or remove his helmet, Dudley goes into a berserk rage that can clear out a room in seconds. Dudley keeps gems, gold, carrots and small paintings of his 125 brothers and sisters in his Back Pocket.

Beliefs & Goals: By the Seven Thunders of Scheimer I live for battle! Finding gems and gold is only bested by the sweet taste of carrots! Smash those ratmen who dare burrow into the warrens of my kin! By Freleng’s Flashing Fists they will fall! Any problem that can be solved by words can be better solved with action! No one shall remove my helmet, this I swear by the Ruby and the Spears! Let my enemies beware!

Hit Points: 15 Speed: 6

Muscle: 7
Break Down Door: 8
Climb: 8
Fight: 9
Pick Up Heavy Thing: 9
Throw: 8

Zip: 5

Dodge: 7
Drive Vehicle: 2
Fire Gun: 7
Jump: 8
Ride: 6
Run: 6
Swim: 5

Smarts: 2
Hide/Spot Hidden: 4
Identify Dangerous Thing: 2
Read: 2
Resist Fast-Talk: 2
See/Hear/Smell: 5
Set/Disarm Trap: 3
Track/Cover Tracks: 3

Chutzpah: 3
Fast-Talk: 3
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods: 3
Sleight of Hand: 3
Sneak: 3

Incredible Strength: 7
Toughness (Physical): 8
Fantastic Flying Fists and Feet Only When Helmet Is Off: 7


Barking Alien said...

That's beautiful man. Just beautiful.

Aaron Nuttall said...

Vewwy, Vewwy nice. My game has a moon full of Japanese rabbit-men that Dudley is just perfect for.