Friday, April 8, 2011

Filmation Friday: Dark Riders From She-Ra

Here are some pics of the Dark Riders, summoned by the Evil Horde sorceress Shadow Weaver. This happened in the She Ra Princess of Power episode "The Price of Power". I think the monster designs rock.

Bonus RPG Notes! (Spoilers!)

To use the Dark Riders in a D&D campaign for any edition:
  • The Dark Riders are summoned by powerful evil sorcerers, necromancers, and clerics.
  • They are usually sent to slow down powerful warriors, especially those with flying mounts and magicians.
  • The Dark Riders themselves are skeletal warriors who wear a helm, plate mail armor, and wield an ax. They are able follow slightly complicated commands but they can be outwitted.
  • The Dark Riders constantly shriek, so they cannot surprise their quarry.
  • Their Mounts are winged nightmares. A Mount whose rider is knocked off will go beserk and attack the being responsible. The most common tactic is too drive the attacker to the ground.
  • Both the Dark Riders and their Mounts are immune to magic. They can only be destroyed/banished by driving them into the ground, where there explode into a blinding flash.
Use with any edition! Take the stats for skeletons and nightmares, and add the immunity to magic, shrieking and the banishment by touching the ground. Adjust to taste, then send against your party next time the Evil Necromancer(tm) wants to slow your party down.