Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Visions of Vanth 5: Personalties

Bodyguards Dama and Nirkon D'Lessh of the Auruma Community of God City. One of the few liquid races recognized by the Vulkin Empire, Aurumans utilize humanoid bioshells to interact with other peoples. The D'Lessh Brothers, famously clad in their golden bioshells, provide bodyguard services for both the poor and the rich. How they determine who they aid is a mystery to all involved.

With the fall of the Vanth Sector's Navigation Grid, the appearance of natural Cross Planarl Gates grew in number. The North Mountains have several of these, watched over by the High Avian Daemon Melavatu the Watcher. While his true form may appear slightly ridiculous, Melavatu's canniness and magical ability keeps an uneasy balance between the Material World and the Realms of Spirits.

Among the servitors of the Zombie Princess is her Justicar, Lady Evangeline Lenore Mabuse, called the Lady Raven by the denizens of the Holdings. Known across the face of Vanth as a honorable and dangerous vampyre, she enforces the edicts of the Zombie Princess on those who cross her liege. Lady Raven wields the blade Mistmourn and the advanced mesmeric abilities possessed by several members of her family.

The Great Spineywood keeps its secrets well. Many expeditions into it's dark glade have never returned. Those that have tells tales of strange plant creature that walk as men, elves and wookies. Legendary Vanthian author Werdna H'Tedirem was one of those rare people. Above is Herbskin Rowanbriar, one of the Battle Dryads who ruthlessly protect the Heart of the Forest from harm.

Many are the Gods, Goddesses and Demons of Vanth. Beyond the 777 Gods of the Vanthian Pantheon exist the Lords of Beyond, entities of Malevolent Power. The Blasphemer of Shadow, a former citizen of the City of Blackhawk, seeks to open the way for the Lords to reclaim Vanth. He is pictured here wearing the Vestments of Aggnotha-dam, thought lost in the waning days of the Second Camelon Empire.

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