Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun At deviantART: Fake 80s Grindhouse Movies by leothefox

I was whiling away a Sunday afternoon tooling around the web so I wouldn't fall asleep in the chair. I hadn't been on Deviantart in a while so I went their and started looking around. Put in Fulci in the search engine I stumbled on this...

It's a mock-up for a VHS cover for a fake Lucio Fulci movie called Red Pebble. By the summary on the back back I would have loved the movie that could have been. I thought this was inspired so I took a look at leothefox's deviantART gallery and found these goodies.

These fake covers are great. The art, titles, and back cover blurbs capture that 80s corner store video feel I love. Plus, these covers give me some RPG ideas as well.

Leothefox has a lot of fun stuff in the gallery. Check it out at leothefox's deviantART site!

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A.A. Smith said...

Leothefox here. I guess I don't google myself often enough because I only just found this. Thanks very much for the plug. I'm really glad somebody else appreciates the 80s video feel ^^