Friday, May 14, 2010

[Risus] Der Kommissar, Deranged Vampire Hunter

Hey Kids! Here’s a vampire hunter that is obsessed with destroying Baron Falco. It’s another reference that will probably get me a stern talking to.

Der Kommissar
Obsessed Vampire Hunter

To vampires across the world, the name Der Kommissar strikes as much fear as the name Van Helsing. His cruelty is legendary, and the things that he does to vampires when he does find them, is best not described here. Some say he made a deal with the Devil himself to wipe vampires from the face of the earth. They may be right.

Der Kommissar’s name is lost to the years, and even the oldest vampire hunter cannot recall where he came from. What is surmised is that he comes from a moneyed background, he can speak several languages, and is familiar with high and criminal society. Der Kommissar’s main obsession is slaying vampires, even the ones seeking redemption. Even other vampire hunters avoid the man if at all possible, because to Der Kommissar there is no such thing as “unacceptable collateral damage”.

For some reason he intensely hates Baron Amadeus Falco. When Der Kommissar has a lead on the Baron, he will actually kill a vampire quickly to go after him.

Obsessively Cruel Vampire Hunter With No Conscience [5]
Obscenely Wealthy World Traveler (4)
Social Chameleon Criminal (4)
Self-Trained Weaponsmith [3]

Questing Dice (Destroying Baron Falco): [][][][][]

Hook: If You Gaze Into the Abyss
Der Kommissar is utterly obsessed with killing vampires. He has done and will do things, legal and illegal, that make him maybe more of a monster than the things he hunts.