Saturday, May 8, 2010

[Risus] Baron Amadeus Falco, Ruritanian Vampire Lord

I'm probably going to a dark, dark place for this one:

Baron Amadeus Falco
Talented Vampire Lord

Baron Amadeus Christoph Wilheim Falco, a nobleman from the small Balkan nation of Ruritania, was turned in the late 17oos by a Bride of Dracula. He soon learned how to control his blood hunger and grew powerful enough to be simply left alone. The Baron left Ruritania a century later and traveled Europe and beyond. While he pays respect to the Lord of the Undead when he has too, Baron Falco eschews most of the trapping of vampire politics. You can find him anywhere where there is good music and entertaining company (both high and low born). Oh, a word of warning: NEVER interrupt the show he is enjoying without a real good reason.

Ruritanian Vampire Nobleman Who Wants To Be Left Alone [5d10]
Dedicated Singer and Musician (4)
Seductive Carouser with Friends Everywhere He Goes [3]
Protector of Humanity When He Has To Be One (3)

Hook: Enemies Galore. Baron Falco has made powerful enemies in his undead existance who seek to embarass , inconvience, or destroy him. Being a Grandchild of Dracula only goes so far.

And here was the inspiration:


Dr-Rotwang said...

Huh huh huh.

Jayson said...

alles klar?

Dr-Rotwang said...

ZING! Good one, Jayson!

Just to be clear, Mike, I think this post is ACES.

Jayson said...
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Jayson said...

I agree this is awesome--Baron Falco comes by his love of a little night music honestly:

I got ta boo-gaayee

Risus Monkey said...

Rock Me Baron! Awesome.

Mike David Jr. said...

Dank everybody! Ich liebe "Rock Me Amadeus"

(I used Google Translator.)

Maybe I should mention his love interest Jeanny and his arch nemesis, the vampire hunter Der Kommissar!