Friday, April 2, 2010

Fiction: Later, In Ultronic City

This is a piece of fiction I intended to submit for a netbook, but real life had intruded. I never submitted it. So here it is, a little superhero fiction for ya'll.

Later, In Ultronic City

Thrasher had never seen anything like this before. Some magic-using quack calling himself Mr. Crowley had got a hold of The Dark Passages of Allerac and had ripped a hole in reality. The mystic mojo stuff was way over Thrasher’s head. Well, let Doc Miracle and Penumbra and the Weird Squad deal with patching up time and space. Thrasher was an old school brawler like his old man, and Mr. Crowley had given him plenty of things to hit.

The Justice Brigade had its hands full. The zombie things had begun to pop up all over Ultronic City. Any touch or grab would drain the life force of victim and leave them in a coma –like state. It was almost as if they were gathering the energy to do something dangerous with it. Even the Justice Brigade Reserves were called to help evacuate the City.

Now, here in Silverton Heights, Thrasher joined Lasher and Brickhouse to try to contain the zombie things until the mystic guys had done their work.

“Got this area covered, kid,” rumbled Brickhouse in his gravelly voice.

Suddenly, the zombie things broke through the technomantic barriers developed by Redfist and the Blacksmyth. They swarmed the massive mutant and tried to take him to the ground. As Brickhouse fought these zombie things, Thrasher could see his friend’s red brick skin begin to fade to gray. Then the fight was over, and the good guy didn’t win.

The zombie things turned as one and started for Thrasher and Lasher. For the first time, Thrasher noticed that all of the zombie things looked the same. They had yellow eyes, wearing nothing but brown rags. Bald head, skinny with skin the color of clay. They murmured or moaned something continuously that you couldn’t quite make out.

Thrasher glanced over at Lasher. Everybody teased the pair about how their names sounded alike. It was coincidence, he always said. They had become junior members of the Justice Brigade at the same, and, Thrasher admitted, there was an attraction. Maybe if they survived this, he would...

“If I’m going down, I’m going down fighting,” Lasher interrupted his thoughts as she extended her Cyberlashes. A familiar hum filled the air as they charged to full power.

“You got that right, sister!” Thrasher yelled as the zombies advanced.

He really hoped that the Weird Squad got this settled soon.


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