Sunday, April 4, 2010

Buffy Characters Using Risus

I have been thinking about Risus lately. This is particularly inspired by blogs such as Greywulf and his recent Risus Supers posts , Dr. Rotwang's recent Swashbuckling characters, and the fun that is Risus Monkey. The flexibility of the system and the ease of character creation means I have a bunch of characters laying in notebooks and scratch paper waiting to come out.

Here are some Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters I created about five years ago. The time of these characters is set after the Buffy finale “Chosen”. Melissa Rickow was once of the hundreds of girls and women awakened by the Slayer empowerment. As she was taking classes at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, this was problematic. Her life became more complicated when her older brother came back from his college and old family friends reappeared. And when a handsome man becomes interested in her, Melissa may be forced to kill the ritualist if the magic he wields overwhelms him.

Melissa Rickow

A recent Activated Slayer, Melissa is a reluctant but deadly foe of the demons that haunt the Fox Valley of Central Wisconsin.

Reluctant But Ready Vampire Slayer [4], Beautiful Chemistry Whiz (3), Buddhism Enthusiast (2), Calm Surveyor of the Situation (1)

Hook: Still Unsure of Her Strength and Prowess

Christopher Rickow

Christopher was a promising college athlete until he suddenly dropped out to help his sister. He has no other monster slaying abilities other than a strong right hook and a collection of odd knowledge.

All Around Charismatic Athlete (4), Overprotective Older Brother of the Slayer (3), Master of Odd Jobs That Help Pay the Bills (2), Closet Sci-Fi Movie Fan (1)

Hook: Risks Himself Unnecessarily for Others

Leland Rickow (L’Lor of Tarn)

When Melissa and Chris’ parents died mysteriously, a demon clan repaid a debt to the Rickow family. A Tarnian Master of Arms was sent to protect the Rickow children. Fighting vampires and demons regularly is a bonus.

Tarnian Master of Arms Sworn to Protect the Rickow Children (4), Silent But Deadly Bodyguard (3), Stone and Mineral Collector (2), Master of Mirth (1)

Hook: Makes Normal People Uneasy Even When Appearing Human

Megan Reynolds

Megan followed Chris when he left college, hoping to score a great human-interest story (and maybe more). What she stumbled upon was the secret war of the Slayers, and her curiosity was set afire.

Plucky College Reporter (4), Reluctant Scion of Old, Old Money (3), and Ex-Cheerleader Whose Flexibility is Surprising (2), Fencing Club Captain (1)

Hook: Ridiculous Curiosity

Philip Wentforth-Smythe IV

Philip is the youngest member of the Wentforth-Smythe family on sabbatical in the United States. He comes from a long line of magicians who touched both white and dark magic. He interest in the Slayer is part professional, part personal.

Brooding Aristocrat Far Away From Home (4), Master of Esoteric Ritual Magic (3), Cultural Adept Traveler (2), Emotional Recluse (1)

Hook: Rigid Code of Personal Conduct


greywulf said...

Loving these! The more I mess with Risus, the more I'm impressed by just how fun and flexible it is.

Risus Monkey said...

How can I possibly resist a combination of Buffy (I've been running a Buffy RPG game for years) and Risus (duh... Risus Monkey)? I love these characters! They'd be a great foundation for wonderful Buffy series.