Wednesday, May 1, 2013

[Toon T-Days] Dash Raygun, Rocket Ranger

Sorry it's a day late. Must of took a wrong turn at Albuquerque...

Welcome to a new edition of Toon T-Days! Here is a Rocketeer-type character to throw at players in an Atomic Monster Theater (Tooniversal Tour Guide p 13-24) game. Yeah, he may have more shticks than the players. but won't that make it that much more fun to make him Fall Down?  

Dash Raygun, Rocket Ranger

Description: Dash Raygun is a dashingly handsome 6-foot tall human wearing a classic rocket ranger jet suit. Most of the time he wears a protective helmet, but Dash likes the ladies to see how handsome he is. Dash never does anything quietly, and likes to be in the spotlight. He hates aliens but likes giant monsters, and will only attack them if they attack him. Dash is called in when things get out of hand. He wears a Jet Pack (Drive Vehicle roll -2, TTG170) that lets him fly into action. Dash's natural enemies are aliens and science run amok! He has Secret Decoder Rings, a ray gun (1d+2 damage), and. unlimited root beer in his Back Pocket.

Beliefs &  Goals: I am here to save the day! Never pass up the chance to get in front of a camera and show the people the amazing world of science! Aliens need to be defeated at all costs. Get the military to leave the giant monsters alone. It's not their fault! Have plenty of stories and decoder rings for the kids. I hear something... DASH INTO DAAANNNGERR!!!

Hit Points: 12    Speed: 9

Muscle: 6
Break Down Door: 6
Climb: 6
Fight: 8
Pick Up Heavy Thing: 6
Throw: 6

Zip: 8
Dodge: 8
Drive Vehicle: 9
Fire Gun: 8
Jump: 8
Ride: 6
Run: 8
Swim: 5

Smarts: 4
Hide/Spot Hidden: 2 (loud jet pack)/4
Identify Dangerous Thing: 4
Read: 5
Resist Fast Talk: 4
See/Hear/Smell: 5
Set/Disarm Trap: 4
Track/Cover Tracks: 7

Fast Talk: 6
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods: 6
Sleight of Hand: 6
Sneak: 3 (loud jet pack, duh!)

Cosmic Shift: 6
Incredible Luck: 8
Superleap: 7
Talk to Monsters: 8
Toughness (Physical): 8
Toughness (Energy): 5

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