Tuesday, April 9, 2013

[Toon T-Days] The Phantom of Granny's Old Opry

Hello again and welcome to another Toon T-Days! The Phantom of Granny's Old Opry is based off a character I created over 15 years ago when I ran a "Monster Mash"-type scenario named the Phantom of the Opry. Little did I know that there was not only several songs, but a horror movie host also called the Phantom of the Opry. So out of respect for them, but here is my renamed version.

The Phantom of Granny's Old Opry

Description: The Phantom of the Opry is a 6 1/2 foot tall humanoid horse who wears Western clothes  and a bandit's mask. When the Phantom was young, all he wanted to do was sing at the Granny's Old Opry.  While the Phantom could play any instrument unfortunately he was among the worst singers in the Tooniverse! Convinced that his lack of singing talent was the result of sabotage, the Phantom of the Opry decided to go underground and make sure that no other man would ever sing in the Opry. He does have a soft spot the pretty ladies, and will often help them become a star! He carries rope, a pistol, and a copy of "1001 Needlessly Complex Traps" in his Back Pocket. His natural enemies are anybody who says he can't sing and other male singers. And no one knows why he wears the mask either,,,

Beliefs & Goals: Ah should be tha one singin on that there stage. It was sabotage, I tell you! My voice is a much better than y'all give me credit for. Help the purty women sing but don't let them see yor face, and put there worthless beaus in a trap they'll never get out of. Granny's Old Opry is mine and I knows where all the hidin' places are. Never let them take off the mask!

Hit Points: 12    Speed: 6

Break Down Door: 6
Climb: 4
Fight: 6
Pick Up Heavy Thing: 6
Throw: 4

Zip:  5
Dodge: 5
Drive Vehicle: 5
Fire Gun: 7
Jump: 7
Ride: 8
Run: 7
Swim: 3

Smarts: 6
Hide/Spot Hidden: 6
Identify Dangerous Thing: 6
Read: 8
Resist Fast-Talk: 8
See/Hear/Smell: 8
Set/Disarm Trap: 8
Track/Cover Tracks: 8

Chutzpah: 5
Fast-Talk: 5
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods: 5
Sleight of Hand: 7
Sneak: 7

Confuse: 7
Cosmic Shift (When Singing): 9
Quick Change/Disguise: 8
Weird Science: 6

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Aaron Nuttall said...

This guy reminds me of The Silent Gondoliers by S. Morgenstern. (Really, S. Morgenstern is the name on the cover.) It's about the Worst Singer in the History of Gondoliers in Venice. It's pretty funny and it has amazing illustrations by Paul Giovanopoulos.