Friday, February 17, 2012

[Space Princess] Thorgrim Stormcloud, Space Dwarf Star Warrior

Here's a character for the Tales of the Space Princess game, the new game from Mystery Men! author John Stater. It's s good little game. Check it out!

Thorgrim Robustný Stormcloud

Thorgrim Robustný was destined to be a Craftsman, as his father and his grandfather before him. On the day he was to begin training mercenaries in the pay of the Oligarchy of Chaar decended upon his family's holdings in the Kamen Asteroid Field. Many of the Stormcloud Clan and their associate families perished in the Oligarchy's thirst for Kamen Relics in the years that followed. The survivors of the Chaarian purge all took the name Stormcloud in addition to their own family name and went forth to claim the Relics of their people. Like many of his brethren, Thorgrim makes money as a mercenary, offering his services as a star warrior in exchange for money and information. There are times Thorgrim will join other clansmen and clanswomen in Crusades to reclaim that which belongs to the Stormcloud Clan.

Thorgrim Robustný Stormcloud 
Alien [Heavyworlder] Star Warrior (Veteran)

STR 7 | DEX 4 | MEN 3 | KNO 4
HD 6 | SKILL 6 |  LUCK 1
HP 30 | DEF 14 | FIGHT 13 | SHOOT 10

Powers: Bulk (-2 DEF to knock over, Slow speed)

Skills: Climb (13), Leap & Swing (13), Pilot Ship (9), Swim (13)

Gear: Ray Gun (2d6), Father's Axe (1d10)